You need to know what you aspire for. Ahead of time.

  1. get your Starting Point Measurements
  2. pay a buck to have a strategy session with me.


  1. Cooking recipes come to mind. Unless you know cooking without recipes, unless you develop a feel for what works together, every recipe will be a disaster for you.
  2. Here is an example.
  • My egg-coffee
  1. I am violently sensitive to and addicted to the A1 milk protein that is like morphine, addictive. So I can’t put it in my coffee. So I have developed a coffee recipe that uses egg yolk and ghee to make the coffee creamy. But if you don’t add sweetener: I use stevia, it will be horrid. And if I don’t add salt, enough salt, it will be still horrid. When the right amount of each is added: it is delightful. And good for you.
  2. But I did every course, every coaching program of his, thereafter, with the exact same result… Except, now, 13 years later, I am starting to implement…
  3. Here is what I found on Google this morning:
    Decide on medicine. …
    Complete undergraduate science requirements.
    Get volunteer/work experience in health-related fields.
    Consider a broad pre-med course selection.
    Develop staff/faculty advisors.
    Prepare for the MCAT.
    Take the MCAT exam.



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