I have found that the experience of hard is experiencing your resistance.

You are democratic in your listening, and you listen to everyone. And then you are surprised that your life is not amounting to anything.

You don’t have to know a little bit about a lot of things.

Causing Epigenetic Shift for yourself

You have to push through some invisible barrier.

  • When you need to work for four-five-six days without even taking a nap…
  • When you need to keep on walking, or running, even though your legs cannot hold any longer…
  • When you need to keep your attention on what you are doing in spite of all the noise of the voices…

If you believe that everything is hard, or everything needs to be hard, or the b.s. the voices say, then you won’t ever get to what is as close to hard as it can ever get: causing an epigenetic shift for yourself.

Reclaim your role as “master” or “boss”, who calls the shot, where you can direct your attention, move your muscles, keep your brain alert, do what you said you would do… exactly…

  • Colin Wilson, a now dead British writer, opened up an epigenetic shift when he was practicing going into superconsciousness.
  • Matsa, my first student, opened up an epigenetic shift when she learned to consistently shift out of the mind and connect to Source. I did a lot of one-on-one sessions with her on this: I can tell you, it wasn’t “natural” for her, but she did it.
  • In a course where I was teaching stepping back, several students created an epigenetic shift…
  • Einstein created an epigenetic shift when he stuck with a thought process he was working on in the bathtub, even though the bath water was already cold.

Yeah, the hard is breaking through your own resistance.

You cause an epigenetic shift when you are willing to go toe to toe and win over a “natural inclination.”

My goal is to make the method doable by anyone who is willing.

I did it, so you can too. Anything anyone did is proof that it’s not impossible.

Of course you cannot listen and cannot do approximately… That is the death of anything worth hearing or doing.



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta Maven

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