What would put you into the vibration of money? Or why are you repelling money?

Summary: 90% of what keeps you in money, or what repels money from you are you attitudes towards people, including yourself.

It is not vibration, per se… but people feel it. And they refuse to give you money.

The solution is to develop attitudes more conducive, more attractive, more inviting to money.

Most of my courses are about that… Changing your attitudes…

The article below may be too scholarly for most of you…

What is blocking your ability to abundance? To making money, to accepting money, to do things worth money?

Money is a big issue for nearly all of us. Even if we have enough money now, even if your needs are met, the worry about lack of money is never far from your thoughts.

When my sales numbers are down… (I make money selling you stuff!) I can feel the worry hovering, just outside of my consciousness.

Lack of money, or the fear of lack are behind lots of cases of depression: in fact the only reason I ever get even near depression is money…

And because all money comes to you from people… all lack of money can be taken back to your relationships, your attitudes to people, including yourself.

These are invisible, especially to yourself… but your attitudes to people, including yourself, block others from giving you money. Or pretty much giving you anything…

What are attitudes?

According to an online dictionary:

  • attitude is: a settled or fixed way of viewing, thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. Example: I tend to have a condescending attitude towards people when they don’t know something. This attitude is advised by my soul correction, according to which I am the best… lol.

So an attitude is a fixed way of viewing, thinking, or feeling about someone or something.

And, according to my teaching, the viewing/seeing matters most, because what you see is what gives you your actions.

The most important thing to know is this: your actions are indivisible from your view… even if you are trying to hide your view, your attitude.

When you are hiding your attitude and the attitude you show in action doesn’t match what is inside… you are engaging in double bind behavior.

The parent’s double bind is at the root of most of your troubles

The parent’s behavior that creates the confusing “double bind” where what they feel, in the moment, and what they do don’t match.

Disgust expressed by the body, love is said by the words…

Parents who need to wipe your ass… Parents who are covered with your spit out food… Parents whose patience wears thin with you.

Every child is a little empath… And they don’t have the capacity to process ambivalence and controversy… Many of you are stuck on that level of child.

But double bind’s confusing effects are not limited to parent to child… in every interaction between adults this double bind 7 is frequently there.

If you hate your job, but it’s part of your job to be nice, curious, “positive”, the two demands: do the job and pretend to be nice, curious, positive are irreconcilable demands and you are probably unhappy in addition to be wholly inauthentic and ineffective at your job.

You can’t pretend an attitude… or not believably. And it’s killing you!

I have watched class leaders pumping themselves up in back rooms before a presentation to be able to go out and be excited, and caring about the people who they talk to.

You don’t have to be an empath to feel the disproportionate, fake enthusiasm and suspect an ulterior motive. They want to make you the sucker in the room, they want to sell you something.

Everyone can detect a fake smile from miles… unless they are so involved with their own pretenses, that they are not even looking.

What does this have to do with money, Sophie?

Inauthenticity in all forms block money.

To find all the attitudes that block money, you have to find the attitudes that will be repelling to the people with money in their hand… literally or figuratively.

Money in the hand figuratively: I mean people with hiring, firing, evaluating power: the boss, the owner of the company you work for, the hiring person, the teacher who either will you good grades or not.

Your financial future depends, 90% on your attitude.

60% on your attitude towards people, 30% on your attitude towards effort of any kind, and only 10% on what you actually do.

So if you want to change your financial future, you need to address your attitudes, and you need to transform the ones that have the most adverse effect on what you want to achieve.

The technology to change your attitude exists. It is 90% acting consistently with a new attitude, and only 10% mental work.

You, unfortunately, cannot get this change by chanting affirmations, or making pretty pictures. You actually need to act consistently with this new attitude.

The fake it till you make it, the often misunderstood, misused saying means exactly this: You cannot fake something without doing it… can you? You can’t fake walking without getting up from the couch and taking steps. You cannot fake working without working. You cannot fake being kind without acting kind.

In my new free workshop series we first diagnose and then design a new attitude that then you can go out and practice.

The workshop is a derivative of the old What’s the truth about you? workshop, but the new version is going to be all about money, all about abundance. 8

And because how you do anything is how you do everything… changing your attitudes will transform all of your life, if you are willing to go out and make the new attitudes instinctual… meaning real… i.e. not faked.

We all want more money without changing anything… and even if by some accident we get the money we wanted, we cannot enjoy it fully… and the accidental money tends to be a flash in the pan, and then stop.

Even if you are the best in what you do. Even if your product is exceptionally good. Even if you are the only person who has it…

And if your hidden attitude is not liked… people will find reasons not to buy.

The most frequent attitude I have seen with my students is resentment. They resent that they have to do what they have to do to earn the money they earn… Not attractive!

Whenever my money starts drying up, I look at my attitude. I always find one or two attitudes that sneaked in while I was busy doing other things.

Taking people for granted… talking down to people/condescending… are the attitudes I repel people with.

And because I have been doing this for such a long time, I can turn around on a dime.

But when I first did in, back in 1987, when I lost my job and needed a new one ASAP. It took me a whole night standing in front of the mirror… to practice the attitudes I invented, the attitudes of “I am brilliant and I am a contribution”. 9

Your attitude to yourself is 90% of the attitude to people part. Your attitude towards yourself is the hardest thing to see.

  • Eliminate Hatred soul correction people need to deal with the attitude of self-hatred.

And, of course, Forget Thyself people, my soul correction, need to deal with the desire to feel above everything and everyone, and the tendency to give up on people, including themselves.

If your attitudes don’t change, your money situation will not change… and might even get worse.

And because how you do anything is how you do everything, often you can see your attitudes towards your own body and your own health where it is easiest to see… Or in self-development… or in your relationship with the most important people in your life.

I prefer that you show up to my workshops. But I want you to be able to do or at least start to do this attitude transformation work just from this article.

Because I want to transfer all power to you. I don’t want you to have to depend on me. I want you to experience success over your fixed attitudes and increase the quality of your life without ever having to talk to me.

When you do talk to me, I always give you my best… I give you what you need. What you need is next for you. What you want is probably pie in the sky… and even if I gave it to you, you wouldn’t know how to take advantage of it.

The webinar workshops are biweekly, on Mondays, alternating between 2 pm and 4 pm EST. You won’t really benefit much from the recordings… sorry.

Register in the date of your choice:

PS: notice that unlike other teachers, I don’t talk about beliefs or thinking. Your beliefs are a myth. And your thinking is NOT you thinking.

I am talking about attitudes, and that is an observable, real phenomenon… not of the mind like belief and thinking.

All the methods I see on the internet are ineffective for 99.99% of you… But, in my experience, the methods I use are effective for everyone who is able and willing.

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