Are you in sync with Life? Or you want Life to be in sync with YOU?

Are you flipping a finger to life?

…But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid…

But like a machine in working order won’t reveal how it works, a life in working order won’t show what makes it work, what are the moves…

An idea that matches life is not loud, not flashy, it fits. It’s harmonious. It kind of disappears, and looks like Life did it, not some person.

I ask vastly different questions. And I have different expectations. I don’t expect to get to the solution in one fell swoop.

I have noticed that my frustration has been in my way of seeing: frustration asks “why”, and the question that would lead to better solutions would be “what” or “how”.

My job is to teach them a new way of being in life, a new way of doing life, so they can become happier, more effective, and less frustrated.

If you can dig down to frustration: things are not going the way they should: you get to the root of your misery: you think life should adjust itself to your image of how it should be, instead of you adjusting your behavior to how it is.

The new question: What do you consider wrong in an incident? What should be? What shouldn’t be? What is wrong there? What is right there?

I learned life through countless experiments that didn’t go well.

This works, positive thinking doesn’t. And neither the law of attraction that makes you focus on greed… and thus block what you want.


Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

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