If we took an inventory of your life… If I followed you around for a day, a week, a month… How many of your actions are planting seeds for the future you desire, how many are planting seeds to no results, or undesired results?

Most people plant no seeds. Some plant seeds but then forget about watering them, and the weeds or the dryness kills the seeds before they can even sprout.

Most people think that the world rotates around them, should play according to their rules, and their rules are: give it to me now, because I want it.

Manifestation, the law of attraction, mind movies, instant healing, the “bars”, incantation, shamanism, and thousands of fraudulent abusive modalities all capitalize on this warped world view to make it all right for you.

But they are lies, frauds, intentionally misleading you. And you are willing. It turns my stomach.

And you bring the same mentality to modalities that work, because how you do anything is how you do everything.

  • Many people buy the Water Energizer, only to not set it up, or not set it up correctly. Too much work…
  • Many people buy the energy remedies, but never use them consciously, or stop when they don’t see instant results.

But if you look at nature, the only things that are instantaneous are destruction… nothing good or desirable is instant.

Seeds take a long time to sprout. Babies are in their mother’s belly, and even after they are born, they need a lot of input, a lot of grief, a lot of money, a lot of everything before they start giving back to you.

You seem to be in the business of death…

When it comes to your health, your earning power, your relationships, and your fulfillment, You seem to be waiting for death to spare you… because the moment you are not growing you are dying. In every area where you are not growing.

  • Some of you take random actions, and then fizzle out.
  • Some of you were on the right path before, but have given up. And you notice that life is going down and down and down. That you become less and less as your resignation takes over.
  • Some of you hope that having a product, a marriage, a child is all the seed you need to have for a bountiful harvest.

The weeds, the storms, the lack of rain, the pests are all interested in devouring your seeds, plants, before the harvest.

There is a huge cherry tree in the park by my house. The birds eat 99% of the cherries… in a hurry.

In my accountability program people promise four actions every day, and come back to report on getting them done, and more.

One of the secrets is having a chart, a checklist, or seeds you have planted. Unless you add a little bit of energy to every one of them, every day, they will wither away.

And I am talking about big things and little things.

And when I say every day, I mean seven days a week.

Successful people don’t think that on Saturdays and Sundays they should live as if they had no seeds in the ground.

If you have a checklist, then you can knock out the tasks in an hour on the weekend. But if you completely break from those, then you are on a slippery slope to death.

I have clients who live that way… and they are not really building anything… every conversation is on the same level… starting.

If you think Mother Nature approves, then you are delusional. Mother Nature doesn’t know about weekends or holidays…

Let’s agree about one thing:

  • if you are human, you want to make a living that allows you time and opportunity to play, grow, enrich your life.
  • if you are human, you want health that allows you to play, to work, to enjoy life without much pain… and maybe to live long.
  • if you are human, you want relationship that are mutually beneficial, pleasant, allow you to grow, and enjoy life
  • and if you are human, you want to feel that you weren’t born by mistake, that you can and do make a difference

Ultimately, when someone asks you what you want, these four things that need to be there. You can embellish, but it’s not necessary.

You need to start where you are, and add new actions, one at a time.

My recommendation is that you start with your health. Without health you can’t even think straight. So most things that people start without taking care of their health, are dead ends, mistakes, false starts.

Read more from Sophie Benshitta Maven at yourvibration.com The Empath’s guide to getting well and raising your vibration



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