don't hang your happiness of what can be taken away

Awareness I don’t miss much. It’s normal for me. I think one of the big lessons I needed to learn, needed to get aware of, is that your world is different. It’s been a lifetime challenge. No matter how resistant the world, people, have been to my ideas, until I could identify, with pinpoint precision, what was there that I didn’t have, or what was it that I had that they didn’t have, and therefore didn’t value, I remained ineffective, misunderstood, and not valued. Everywhere, on every level of communication. The “world’s” value system, or more precisely said, the order in which the “world” creates its hierarchy of values, is different from how I do it, how I have it. and if you are smart… you’ll read this article and map it on yourself and your experience… that’s how it will come alive for you.

I could be stuck blaming them, or blaming myself, calling them wrong or calling myself wrong… and be really stuck in joyless blame. Instead I am choosing to understand, and validate the cultural differences, the diversity. The timing of this article is not an accident: finally, after 32 years of diligent experimentation, study, efforts, and more experimentation, I have struck on a methodology that gently, but inexorably (=in a way that is impossible to stop or prevent) is causing the rise of consciousness and the rise of vibration in those who engage with the method diligently. Which is an indication, to me, that I have turned a corner and have been able to get through to at least some people… So I can talk about some of my ideas that have been there… maybe forever.

walnut tree

Like the community walnut trees. ((In many neighborhoods, in many villages in Hungary, the streets are lined with walnut trees. No one owns them, and everybody benefits from them. They are excellent shade trees, they live long, and they bear walnuts… and everyone picks them up, and bakes delightful stuff with them. No one steals, no one damages the trees, no one thinks that they are slighted. There is enough for everyone.)) I grew up in Hungary, a tiny Central-European country, with a diversity of people amalgamating… ((combine or unite to form one organization or structure or community)) and living, somewhat, in isolation because of the language, that like Finnish, like Korean, seem to have come from nothing… no relationship, no similarity to other languages. There is culture and there is culture.

Culture is what people consider important and essential to get along with others so they can be they can be. I think… that is how I am going to call “culture” in this article. Some cultures are dog eat dog cultures, lives based on competition, greed, and the desire for the self alone. One sign of a low vibration culture is the emergence of a mafia. Criminal organizations.

A culture that is based more than 50% on robbing like the Church, always have a mafia. Anyway, some cultures do, others don’t. There is a critical mass that’s needed… So cultures are different, and people are born in the smallest representation of culture, the family… And cultures are very different… We are born different, unaware of our differences… And then we need to live together… And then we think that just because we look alike we are alike… B.S. This is one of the reasons awareness is the most accurate predictor of success in the world. If you think that others think like you, value what you value, then you are in for a surprise: they don’t. I have been working on increasing my awareness for 70 years… arduous, and slow.

I never became successful… I am too different. But I achieved what few achieve: I feel good in my skin. I like myself. I enjoy my day, I enjoy my nights, and I like to spend time with myself. Which is a lot more than most people can say and mean it. And all I did to get here, in essence, are the exercises I teach my students to do. The practices, the looking, the observing, and saying the “no” when it’s needed, and saying the “yes” what that’s what is needed. I have been doing it longer and more diligently. I see more every day, and it upsets me less every day. Even when I see that it’s evil. It can’t touch me… It doesn’t touch me. Yaay. Read the rest at



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Publish at Raise your vibration true empath, coach, publisher, mad scientist, living a life that is worth living