Being scammed: One of the consequences of not seeing reality from unreality

Another one of the consequences of not seeing reality from unreality is a life that doesn’t amount to much

Let’s clarify a few things before I start:

Scam… every time you really expect to get something… and therefore you believe unreality…

Reality is reality, consistent, and congruent. A is A, as Ayn Rand and his famous character, John Galt (In Atlas Shrugged) say.

And the famous saying, that has the capacity to sink unreality: A is A. 1

Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong. ~ Ayn Rand

If you are deceived, mislead, by a person or by society, when you were taught that things are the way you think they are, that things works the way you think they should work, you are scammed and will be scammed until you set your premises right…

So, when I say scammed, I mean being told and you acting on a premise that is not part of reality, that is a mirage, or a lie.

Every student I have ever had had some or more false premises. You can call them beliefs. I don’t like that word. Too many “operators” scam you using exactly that word… and you jump.

If we look at things, mental construct and the behaviors in question as a tree, the methods, selling like hotcakes, all address the leaves or the fruits of the tree, promising to change those.

But a tree grew as an exact product of a blueprint: i.e. what leaves, what fruits it bears come from the DNA… the seed level.

This happens in every area of life, health, wealth, love (relationships) and fulfillment, just mentioning the four pillars of the good life.

Certain areas of life are especially suited to this fraud. Yesterday I spent almost three hours listening to six experts on cancer. If anything can, those three hours can convince you, that none of them knows how to really get to the seed level, and even if they have some vague sense where it is, what it is, if it came that they got cancer, they wouldn’t know what to do to heal themselves…

All healing happens on the seed level.

Humans are not trees, and therefore their seed level, because it is not physical, has to be planted every day. I am not kidding, I am not exaggerating. Every day.

Your seed level is influenced by everyone and their brother… But the most important element of that influence happened when you were little, like this:

Things were happening. Happening around you… but because every child is 100% self-centered (this is the about-me score I measure in your Starting Point Measurements, your experience was that things were happening TO YOU.

This was the source of the first distortion in reality: nothing ever happens to you: things are happening and you happen to notice them. 2

Until and unless you remove the distortion that was caused by your 100% “about-me” vantage point in the “original incident”, you live a life of scam that prevents you from living a life of power, where you make things happen.

That is where the gap between your potential (physical, mental, emotional) is born and makes the DNA change to bear a different tree, different from the original DNA. The change can be as severe as you see.

I measure that difference in the Starting Point Measurements. I call it, there, asking the question:

do you have a bridge between your precious “I” and your actual I? What is your level of delusion

You, somehow, remember your potential and you see what you are producing… and that is what creates the gap.

The higher that number, the more distorting the original incident was in your DNA… aka seed level.

Straightening that distortion is not an easy task: it needs to be precise.

What do I mean? You need to be able to see exactly the distortion… Because the DNA cannot change from a vague notion.

I, for example, did that change, to the degree that I have, through many tiny but accurate steps.

In every step, the key movement, the key element was to step outside of the occurrence, and look at it from sideways, meaning from NOT my own vantage point. Looked at from the outside.

I still practice this, every Tuesday and every Wednesday, when I am with other people. Other days I am the only person I am with…

One of my behaviors coming from a distortion is being an eager beaver. Some of the distortions (maybe all, haven’t quite examined them from that vantage point, yet) are consistent with the soul correction

My soul correction is “Forget Thyself”.

Being an eager beaver makes me stand out, makes me look better than others, occasionally make me look like I am trying to prove that I am superior, making others feel that I am making them inferior. High about-me score when I am an eager beaver.

Another behavior is making myself the center of attention, being loud and obnoxious, cracking jokes, talking too loud, and making myself a nuisance.

But this is my corrected version of myself, you can only imagine how I was in the previous 70 years of my life… intolerable, I would say. And therefore not very successful.

You can only be as successful as the environment will let you, and if your environment is not supportive of your ambitions, you won’t be successful. And the environment won’t help you do anything that is only good for you and not them.

This is where your “desire to receive for the self alone” misleads you, by the way.

I have had successful ventures. There my desire and my staff’s, my customers, my crowd’s desire were the same, so I had a lot of support. But the moment I spoke too much about myself… the support was always leaving… jumping ship.

I had a day to day, or week to week way to monitor that when I was a magazine publisher (11 years), and since I have been running this site,

The gap between my seed level potential and my actual accomplishment 20%. The highest it was in my life when I was an architect… showing that I was doing something that was not in alignment with what I can do best.

I indicated at the beginning of this article, that I would talk about you being scammed. Taken for a ride. Duped.

I, seemingly, talked about something else… but not really.

The scammers get to you through that gap between your actual “I” and your “precious I”, or said in another way: the gap between reality and your picture of what it should be.

They promise something from that “fantasy” you have about reality, and that is the hook. And you fall for it every time.

Anyone who promises you something that should be your due: and you do what they ask you to do. Give them all you’ve got… and then wake up later.

There is a fantastic string of stories in this episode:

Stories of scams, perpetrated on people just like you and me. If you have the time, go and read some of them. Fascinating and educational.

Of course, most of you will be scammed in different ways. One of the most frequent scams is suggesting that you can build something big with no education, no knowledge, no effort, no failures… just because you want to. You want prominence, significance, you want to stand out, you want to prove that your parents made a mistake when they forgot you in the car…

Another scam is to make you believe that your promises, your ideas, your schemes are enough in the world to be successful. That promises are enough, all that doing is for dunces… not for you.

And many many of you have been scammed by the notions that you should be loved just because you are you. That your parents should have loved you. That your father, husband, should have kept their promises, because you are an only child, because you are a girl, because that is what fathers are supposed to do, school administrators, and all people are supposed to be fair, recognize your magnificence, etc etc etc.

One of the cons is that you should get what you want because you worked for it… because you read a book three times, or because this or because that…

Some of you have multiple false premises… and the more you have the more miserable you are… and the bigger is the difference between the you and the Precious I…

Very duped, very dupable.

Or the con, that you should get everything because you are a child… That only peons reciprocate, pay for, or work for what they want. YOU, because you are a child, will get it automatically, even if you never work for it, never earn it, never pay for it in any “unpleasant” way. Definitely not how THEY want you to pay! Hell no. This, in sharp contrast with the other extreme I have touched on before: I should get everything because I am working for it.

Life is fair in its own way, and nothing is for certain. Most of what makes things work is really on the seed level of things…

And until you see that, you are bound to be disappointed… permanently.

For your information, every single one of my programs looks at your premises from a slightly different angle, through a slightly different filters.

That is the methodology.

Each time you see a little bit more of your false premises, and can correct them or not… your choice.

One of the programs that goes the deepest is what is called Instant Coherence Workshop, where you look at your premises straight… and then look at a method that can correct the false premise and replace it with an invented one.

A false premise doesn’t normally want to go… it needs to be overpowered… this is the two wolves principle: you cannot kill the bad wolf, you only need to feed the good wolf more… and that turns your life around.

The bad wolf won’t go away… The moment you start feeding it, it will take over.

Why? Because the “desire to receive for the self alone” has a lot more energy than any goodness…

Want to go digging to find your false premises, or at least the major one? We’ll do that in the Instant Coherence Workshop, online, including interacting with me, as long as it takes, to find your most determinant false premise.

Because precision is crucial, once you signed up, you get access to all the live and recorded calls… so I can guarantee the precision to you.

Buy nowAs soon as I schedule another live call, I’ll notify you, and you can register or wait for the next occasion, depending on your schedule.

PS: You are both a scamming and scammed…

My most diligent students: they are getting clear on them being a scammer… they don’t quite see yet how they are scammed.

And other students can see clearly that they are scammed… but cannot see how they are scamming…

I think I’ll make my next article about this conundrum. Stay tuned

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  1. “Check your premises” is an injunction that runs as a subtheme through Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged , and it is a phrase that seems to be growing more pertinent every day. The meaning of the phrase is this: If you seem to be confronting a contradiction, then at least one of your relevant beliefs is false.
  2. Recently I had a breakthrough in teaching reality in the Playground. I suggested to my students to look at incidents, and alternately see themselves or a body-double (doppelganger) in the incident. The results are starting to happen. It is easier to see what is really going on when you look at the incident from the sideways move, where you and the person in the story are not looked at from the “victim’s” vantage point, but from the side… just like I accomplished that back in 1987.
  3. A lot more of the truth is coming out, because the student SUDDENLY can see it, not feel it. Cheating, lying, pretending, manipulating, forcing, entitlement, gullibility aren’t visible from the vantage point of the perpetrator, because they always have plenty of justification. But no justification is convincing enough from the sideways view.

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