The more details you can see, accurately, interpret accurately, the higher your vibration, and the more results you can produce. We call this astute, and I haven’t been measuring that… Now, obviously it takes something to be able to be astute… Tai Lopez, whose 67 steps product I use to teach with… hell, he is not high vibration. Here are his measurements 1. your vibration (1–1000) 170 2. your overall intelligence, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, body, relationship, etc. 70 3. the number of spiritual capacities you have 5 4. your soul correction (your machine): April 11, 1977 “Building Bridges” ((Sudden insight: building bridges is a process that begins by seeing the starting point and the end point, and then all the points in between, in the order of building… hm. Very interesting. I have always wondered why my Building Bridges people have such a tough time to find actions to take that are appropriate for building. I have one Building Bridges client who is successful at it, building one brick at a time.)) 5. do you have attachments? no 6. the level of your health (1–100) 10% 7. the level of your cell hydration (1–100) 7% 8. your relationship to feedback and instruction: wants only good feedback 9. The level of discomfort you are willing to allow w/o trying to fix it. This is your TLB score… 5 10. The size of your vocabulary: the number of words you can use accurately: 600 11. To what degree you think of yourself: 70% 12. # of fixed mindset: 80% 13. Ambition: 30% 14. Desire: 90% 15. Degree of inauthenticity overall: 70% Two additional measures: is he growing? no. Does he think he needs to grow: no.

Now, what is it that he misses, and misses it consistently? He knows nothing about capacities. So he never looks for capacities, he never looks what underlies a certain behavior. Neither his own, nor other people’s. Today as i was listening to his doughnut priority, misweighting bias step, I saw that the missing capacity for him, and for most people is the capacity to look at something from different cones of vision. From near, from far, on the timeline, wide, etc. Misweighting bias, the cognitive bias can completely skew your view, unless you have the capacity and the habit of looking at the question: what is the big picture. I am a Virgo. It seems that Virgos are very prone to do busy work, that will be needed, once the big picture is taken care of.

Example: a client of mine is building an e-commerce store, with my help. For days he has been quiet, so I asked what he was doing. Whenever a client is quiet, just like with little kids, you need to know that they are up to no good… and want to hide it from you. Turns out that he was designing a logo. No products, no sale, no clients… but now he has a logo. I have had clients who were stuck because they didn’t have a tax number… Or they were afraid that their content would be stolen… All concerns that come AFTER. you have something. I have had countless of advertising clients who built a club or a restaurant, but had no clients and had no money to get clients. The purpose of a business is to build something of value to sell, and then sell it. Or as someone else, can’t remember who, said: the purpose of a business is to get a customer. Which means you can have to do first things first. I have had, to date, a dozen of businesses that I started with no money, no logo, no business name, no permit, no nothing… but a product and a client. I never used money I had not earned… yet. No credit cards, no loans, no partners with money. Because the first rule of business is to prove that it is viable. And it isn’t viable unless there is a demand and there are people who can pay the price. Now, I did start businesses that weren’t viable, and therefore they were a flop. Truthfully, this business I am in should be considered a flop: it barely generates enough income for me to live on.

Why? Because I had a misweighting bias operating: I wanted to do it so bad, that i didn’t care it didn’t pay. I also started it while I had another business that was making money hand over fist… Now, let’s return to the kind of concerns you should have, but don’t seem to see that they are needed. As a general rule: 98% of the general population cannot see the big picture. And even those that can, don’t always look, or ask the right question. Why? Because their wanting, their desire is too strong, stronger than their reason. If your Starting Point Measurements show that you have a disproportionately high desire number, especially when it is compared with your ambition number, you can be sure that you’ll make blind decisions: you’ll do the wrong things in the wrong order, and you won’t be very willing to do the things you need to do. What does ambition tell you to do? Let’s get this straight: ambition is that rare “light” at which you see what you need to do, who you need to be, what you need to know, to have the results you want to have. As opposed to the desire, that will show you where you want to be… completely ignoring what it takes… or misunderstanding it. I know people who buy or lease expensive cars, suits, shoes… because they can see that at the end of the line they will have to have that. They fill out the gap between where they are and where they want to be by magic… it will happen by itself, they think, if they think at all.

I am working, feverishly, to discover something that I could do, or say, to turn high desires off, and turn up low ambition. Muscle test says that it’s possible but not likely that it can be done. :-( This video…sigh… is another proof that even people who have it, can’t see underneath it, cannot see what causes what… what are the distinctions, and therefore they cannot teach it. Read the rest at



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