Can you be a creator and yet live in the machine? Yes, if you live life like a conversation

Life is a conversation.

What? If I were a creator, would I create THIS?!

Our words, conscious or not conscious, spoken or thought, create our lives, create our experience.

Here is an example where unless the conversation is designed… the result is not what you would want, not what you would want to create.

If you never take the time to design these conversations, your business will be less than satisfactory, or will fail.

And I have diligently created and created that conversation.

Now, why am I telling you all this, after all you don’t care, do you?

Because I am an energy practitioner, most people come to me for what other energy practitioners promise: something instant.

I have some student who are honest and tell me that they are with me because they want the energies to raise their vibration.

Soul Correction Workshop

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