The question in the title is as vague as a question can be vague… But it is still a good question. If you look at yourself, you, I bet, knew what the question was, even though none of the words are clear, and mean one and specific, discrete thing… at all. This is one of the reasons your accurate vocabulary measure is so low, in the Starting Point Measurements. You think you know what words mean… and you don’t even suspect that they don’t mean that… ((In the Starting Point Measurements I start with 1000… and most people’s vocabulary is around 300–400… which means that most words they hear, read, or use don’t mean what they think they mean.)) OK, I am not going to take the question apart, you can do it in your own time, instead I’ll attempt to make the question clear… accurate… one-meaning.

This question didn’t just come up, it was triggered by an article I just read by Margaret Paul the Inner Bonding Process fame… ((Margaret Paul, personal vibration: 200, truth value: 7% the Inner Bonding Process that, by itself, is less than 1% effective and sustainable, but combined with what I teach, and my energies and processes, can be as effective as 30%. Why not 100%? Because it is work. Every day, and all day. And most people are not willing to do any work, let alone so much work. That is why… For comparison, here is another video… from 2008, when Margaret Paul’s vibration was 130… Watch her hands… they give her inner world away. With that said: her work works and worked for her. It raised her vibration to 200. Can it do more for her? No. Why? Because the low truth value of her work… but 200 is quite nice… so maybe it’s worth it. Ask me if I recommend this for you… for you personally…. just email no charge.))


The world will not change. Why? Because people cannot see you, cannot feel you, cannot be guided by you.

  • You’ll be happier, but to other people you’ll just look normal, or weird.
  • You’ll do the right things, but only people who are on your level will see that.
  • You’ll be caring or yourself and others, interested, curious, but only people who recognize themselves in you will notice.

You don’t know, but you are the same way. You notice every wrong thing but you rarely notice anything of higher consciousness. Vibrational/consciousness levels are paradigms… or like a building with one-way mirror floors and ceilings. You see yourself when you look above, and you see everything when you look down.

This is why it is so important to decide who you spend time with, and how you are when you do. I spend about 8 hours a month with people who I would not choose to exchange fluids with… lol.

It’s been a great training ground for me to develop a way of being there, a way that does not effect my vibration. Whereas in the beginning I wanted to share myself, what I am about, I have completely stopped that, and I don’t participate. I am not cold, but I don’t engage in conversations… which is a way to “exchange fluids”.

This happens not only with people, but with mindsets. Books, videos, music videos, music, etc.

  • When, two years ago, I immersed myself in the mindset of quick riches… my vibration dropped, I became incoherent, and lost all the quick gains I was so excited about.
  • Whenever I have engaged in blame, hate, or grieving from conspiracy theories… same thing happened.

So ultimately it is ideas that lower your vibration… and ideas that raise it. I want to return to the self-hate Margaret Paul is trying to eliminate… You hate yourself… and your whole attention is directed outwards, hoping that others will see you better than you see yourself. And you immerse and immerse and immerse, time and time again, violating everything you said you stood for… Unless you do the work of the Amish Horse Training Method, your one self will always be hated with your other self… because the voices are very judgmental. You will not be able to achieve lasting results with any method, unless you do the work to distinguish the voices as not-you. And that is not a course, that is not a campaign, that is not short term. That is a lifetime commitment… If you have a tendency for self-hate: as hard as it feels now, that is your path to living a life that is worth living. OK, and back again to the title: Can you change the world by changing yourself? You can change your own world. Your experience of the world. NOT reality, but your reality. It is not my job to make life easier and smoother, it is my job to make life easier for you by making you bigger and tougher. And so far the techniques I employ seem to be working… Depending on your toughness score, you’ll move faster or slower… but you will move… upwards. Guaranteed. Read the rest at



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