Can’t learn? Won’t learn? Is that how you keep yourself stuck in life?

Feeling refused, feeling not wanted is the cause of the biggest pain, and unfortunately people carry that in their unconscious for the length of their lives.

I am here to learn

I am having an email conversation with a student of mine who bought one of my old videos (the upset process) where the most important part is where the new employee wants to become the boss without learning her job, thus making it impossible for her trainer to get through to her.

What allows learning is humility.

The declaration that you are here to learn. But what is in the unsaid is: that you need to learn, because you are incompetent, or not fully competent in what you want to learn.

I am offering my gold for next to nothing, and you don’t want it.

My current 20-day learning challenge is watching an average one video a day from the 150 videos of Dr Peter Popper, a Hungarian psychologist, and his Master course. Mesterkurzus in Hungarian.

Popper’s vibration is 350, unusually high. His stuff has also high truth value, except for certain topics about politics… 60%.

I still have to declare: I am here to learn, when I start one of those videos. I am here to learn… and I do. And I am amazed how much I didn’t know… didn’t even know I didn’t know. Wow.

And that is what I am all about, helping you to raise your vibration.

Big sigh…

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