Change is the end result of all true learning ~ Leo Buscaglia

Sophie Benshitta Maven
5 min readSep 18, 2019

Change is the end result of all true learning ~ Leo Buscaglia

I found this site, Quotation Celebration, by accident.

And, unusual for me, I signed up to the notification list.

This quote came in today’s email.

It is the perfect quote for where my students are at: unless there is a change, nothing has happened. You got some mind candy, some insights, maybe some new rules to resist, but it is all useless.

The goal of life is to become the most and best you can become… and that comes with changes.

Bummer, eh?

Change doesn’t say there is something wrong with you, even if you have been sure that that is what it means. I used to think that… I have written about it… when I thought that when it says on a product label “new and improved” it meant that it was no good.

I don’t remember when I changed my mind, but thank god I did…

If you look what my courses, my articles, my products are about, they are all about causing change.

  • Change in how you feel about yourself, about others, about life.
  • Changes in how you approach things, your attitude, in your actions.
  • Changes in how you enjoy life… enjoy being you… enjoy being with others.

We could see that my “job” could be called “Change Agent”… but of those, there are countless of those… They try to change the world, the circumstances, other people, the culture.

Meh, I say.

So in that regard, I am not a change agent…

In the last 24 hours I had an insight. I forgot what triggered it, maybe it was a comment? I can’t remember.

But I saw something that I used to know, but forgot.

What allows someone to change their behavior…



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