This is an audio that will explain a lot… and you’ll hate it. If by any chance you’ll love it, you just found the secret of a well lived life.


Okay. It’s Friday morning, and this little talk I’m doing today will not make you happy. Why? ’Cause it’s going to upset the apple cart. It’s going to wrinkle your sheets. It’s going to be trampling on your beliefs.

So, what am I talking about?

One of my students wrote to me today. She is listening to an audio of mine, where I am talking about connecting to Source, how I found out that you can actually connect to Source, that Source is always there to connect to, and it was me who wasn’t connecting to Source.

Now, in a way, this flies in the face of everything that everybody thinks. I wasn’t thinking that, ’cause I wasn’t brought up to be religious or think that there is something or someone there that I could connect to. But, when I shared, at the time, that you can connect to Source, people answered snottily that you are always connected, which is very, very far from the truth. Then the second wrong belief with regards to connecting is that you can THINK yourself connecting, and that would connect you. That is very far from the truth, too.

What I am sharing in that particular audio, and what this student of mine is asking about, is this: I am saying that Source is like that electric outlet that you have on your wall, and you need to plug in. Then I said you need to turn yourself into the plug and push yourself all the way in, which is what I do. I turn myself into the plug and push all of me into the outlet. When I, for years, was teaching people to connect, that is what I was teaching, and people had a real hard time doing it. I just found out today why.

So, why? Why do you have such a hard time connecting? Of course, this is going to be context again, because that is the filter through which we look at everything in this series. So, what is the context that you live in that you have a hard time even thinking that you should push all of yourself into the electric outlet so that you can connect to Source?

Well, the context that you live in is that you can just put your little finger in, and that will give you what you need.

Meaning that you are trying to stay distant, uninvolved, uncommitted, and get the same results that are promised with the condition that you need to connect. So, you don’t connect and want the same results.

For instance … Okay, so let’s go back. What are the activities that are similar to connecting? Well, one of the activities is surrender. You surrender all of you. It’s very risky. But, you can do it. The other one is co-creation. When you co-create, you surrender your superiority or you surrender your laziness or you surrender your stinginess, and you do what you need to do at least half. You INTEND to do it all, by the way, because unless you do, Source or the person will withhold. There’s a little part in the Landmark Forum where they introduce the idea of accountability. It’s really brilliant because it shows how relationships devolve.

You get married, okay? That’s the starting point. And you say in your head, “I am 100% responsible for how this relationship turns out.” Now, if you start out with less than that, then that’s story over.

But, let’s say you mean business and you say, “I am 100% committed to this marriage.” It could be business as well, okay? Or learning from someone. It always starts with you commit 100%, if you do, and the teacher or your spouse, or whoever, commits 100%. The sum total of the tw2o 100%’s is 100%. It’s called co-creating.

Then one day you have a real bad day in the office, and you go home and you say, “Today I am having a bad day. I am just going to give 80%,” and you give 80%. The other person says, “Hey, you promised … “ in their head, “You promised 100%. You gave 80%. Huh. I am going to give 80%, too.” The other person gives 80%. Then, next, you find out that suddenly it’s an 80% relationship. So, you keep on giving less and less, and the other person adjusts what they give to yours. In the end, it’s a 0%-0% relationship, and then you get divorced. But, before you get divorced, you kill each other.

But, if you look, that is exactly how you live your life. You think that you should give 50% and the other person should give 50%, and that will add up to 100%. But, in the dominion of life, that’s not how it works. You can’t give 50% and expect 100% getting out. You need to give 100%, and no matter what the other person gives, you are going to have 100%. Of course, your sense of fairness says, “I shouldn’t have to give more. I should only have to give as much as the other,” and that is how you live your life. So, that is your context, okay? Your context is the other person should give 100%, and whatever you give is whatever you get, and whatever you gave, you expect 100% result. That is the context inside which you live your life. Of course, it’s silly, right? Because, eventually, sometimes really fast, this will result in the 0%-0% relationship. You are going to get nothing.

Now, some soul corrections are stingier. This is called “stingy”, okay? You withhold. You’re not willing to give. You withhold your power, you withhold your brilliance, you withhold your everything, and at the same time you expect 100%. Most or all of my active students are like that. Why? Because I am so incredibly generous. I don’t sound generous, but I am. my world view, my context, is I always give 100%, no matter what you give. Now, I have found with one student starting to give less and less and less, and in the end I gave nothing, and then I told them to take a hike, because that’s how it works. When you give and you give and you give, and nothing creates an echo, and the other person gives nothing, eventually you are going to give up. Even I am not an exception from that. But, for the most part, I give all I got and you get whatever you get.

Now, here is the interesting chemistry miracle, or what’s the opposite or miracle, okay?

If you give 30%, doesn’t matter what the other person gives, you’re going to get 30%. If you give nothing, then you are going to get nothing. That’s really sad, right? Because, here is one of the principles. It takes as much work to give nothing, as much work it takes to give everything. As much time. As much everything. If you are a Circuitry 9soul correction) person, for instance, the issue in circuitry is that they don’t want to give. Really. Don’t want to give. Their whole context, their whole world view, is ‘I give nothing and will hold onto everything that you give me.’ Except that that may be true when we come to chocolate, but it’s not true when we come to energy, which means, in essence, they get nothing. That is the issue with Circuitry.

But, there is an issue with Silent Partner. Silent Partner is withholding their willingness to connect and withhold their willingness to receive. You can withhold your willingness to receive, which means if the other person is giving 100% or the universe is giving 100%, you push it back. You push it back. Because the issue of Silent Partner is that they want to be the heroes of the day. They want to do everything by themselves. They only value what they created, nothing from the other.

Then the third soul correction that I have in my student body is Sexual Energy. It has nothing to do with sex. It has something to do with force. They are forceful. They are expecting to get 100%, and they are going to resist it. They are going to pretty much give only as much as pleasures them. That’s where the sexual energy comes from. The kind of lover who is only going to want to have sex with you when it pleases them, and only to the degree that it pleases them. They withhold themselves because they are only interested in their own pleasure.

Teaching any of these soul correction people, as I do in private calls, is pure torture. Worse than that, the results are not 100%, because they are either unable or unwilling to receive because they are not giving. Okay? In essence, you can see that your world view, said in another way your context, is withholding. You withhold.

You really think that you can get without giving.

It’s, again, the fireplace analogy. You expect heat without giving wood. You do. Of course, it results in utter disappointment and utter unhappiness, without ever realizing that it’s you. YOU are not giving.

There are lots of ways to give, by the way. One of the ways is that you give to life. You, if you need to, you need to crank yourself up so that you are enthusiastic. You can do that. You may even need to pretend. But, whatever you bring to life is what life gives back to you. You go to the most amazing sunset and you are, “Seen that, done that.” What you get back is exactly that. No energy.

So, this was another episode of context, and I hope that you are going to get at least curious how the heck to give more, because you don’t. I don’t think that inside the context that you’re listening you can even hear it as the price of your aliveness, the price of your results. You don’t. You hear it as ‘I just want more.’ Okay? So, you see what you are. You see other people being grabby, seeing other people wanting and giving you nothing, and that is the issue with your context. It’s not invented. It’s your default. Okay? All right.

So, I am going to close this audio now and put it on the site. Thank you.

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