Coherence: what is it and why you should strive to have it?


I just moved my sites to a new, bigger server… made the jump after about eight months of waffling… I waffled because of the money, waffled because of the technical challenge, waffled because I didn’t want to do it…

But on New Year’s Eve I did it, and was bracing what was going to be a lot of work, but more importantly a rare occasion for me to face the tiger: I am not the smartest person on the planet.

Not even close.

I never was… by the way. But since i have repurposed my brain cells to do the inner work for seeing, I feel stupider, if that is even possible, than before.

Coherence is the ability to keep orderly inside… even if what is on the outside is chaotic… which is, if you are actually alive, is always. →Click to read footnote 1

Coherence is also an experience… when things make some kind of sense, where you can see at least partially clearly, when you have a sense that you know who you are, and what you are doing. The opposite of coherent is incoherent, or confused… →Click to read footnote 2

The way most people try to be coherent is to control the outside… people, things, and be very unhappy when neither the people nor things cooperate… and they don’t. Or reduce life to such mundane levels, that they, at least seemingly, escape the experience of incoherence… women by talking too much about inconsequential things, men by doing inconsequential things…

The goal in life is to live… in a world that is the way the world is. And the best way to live is to equip yourself to be able to be powerful even when the world does not cooperate…

What do I mean by being powerful?

Power in life is the ability to cause something, consistent with what you meant to cause. Some result in life… in this unpredictable, chaotic life… →Click to read footnote 3

What many people mean by power, is power over others, and the futility of that is obvious but people, unlike mice, will keep on going down the same tunnel looking for the cheese… No cheese in that tunnel, and every “success” creates more “unsuccess” and misery… and yet, people keep on doing that.

Your options are clear: you either increase your inner coherence… and become more powerful: be able to accomplish more, or try to reduce life to a prison cell… by controlling every aspect of it.

Let’s return to my “moving my sites” story I started with:

I read the instructions that came in geek/nerd language that I barely could identify as English. Then add the trepidation and desire to avoid it at all cost… The sum total was: I had no idea what to do, how to do it, because I surely could not make sense of the whole… because big chunks of reality were shrouded in mystery.

Honestly, I have it a try… but my computer started to beep, and alert me of virus attack: what the email asked me to do was considered, by my computer, an attack… WTF.

My body will figure out what to do… And that is what I did. It took me 30 minutes last night, and another 30 minutes today to check, fix, and update 40 sites… no big deal.

Now, why am I sharing this? Because I had a base coherence already… physically, and a base coherence emotionally…

My feeling that I am dumb was competing with my life-experience: there are only a few things I cannot actually do, if that is what I want to do…

For seven days the dumb feeling won, and last night, when I actually tried to do something, my real self took over, the one that can handle anything.

Your behavior, eating, sleeping, drinking, smoking, moving or not moving all contribute to this scarcity mode: what you consider well-being: I am fine… is at max 10% of what your body could produce if you didn’t impair it with what you do.

In all my years I have only found two people whose health number was higher than 10% (and wasn’t a client), and no one whose cell hydration was higher than 10%.

It is interesting to observe that when a client manages to bring their numbers up in alignment with their ambition in life… meaning minimum 30% both for health and cell hydration, their ability to connect the dots, comprehend, hear, and do goes through the roof.

The opposite is more dramatic: when their numbers go, for whatever reason, but mostly from making a mistake… they become suddenly dumb.

The first thing both did: they stopped drinking their energized water, stop following their diet.

They first got incoherent from some perceived slight, and then wanted to stay angry and hurt and hateful, blaming, by getting more and more incoherent.

Let’s compare them with two other clients, who, after years, being both dumb and belligerent, “sensitive”, and touchy, managed to bring up their cell hydration to 30%.

I have recently “insulted” them on public calls… pointed out their dark side… and they both took it in stride…

They didn’t take time out to get offended… or to suffer… or to point fingers. They took it with “really? I haven’t been able to see that about myself…” curiosity.

Everyone wants a great life. Everyone wants life to work for them.

And no one understands that unless they are physically coherent, internally coherent, life will get nastier and seemingly more aggressive, more chaotic… Because when you are incoherent, even a mole hill looks like a mountain range… impossible, threatening, and deadly.

And every little thing occurs like a big issue, something that is wrong, and needs to be fixed.

Your “ego” will jerk you around, will make you want to dominate every conversation, make you look bigger and better than you are… while inside you are dying.

What adds to your incoherence is the two selves hating each other… The one, the big, the flashy, the smart, the special… but all fake… and the real: shrinking, mundane, petty, and scared.

But even thought that inner disharmony is very important, I can’t see that you can do work on removing the pretense… unless you take care of first things first.

Now, what happens if you are too incoherent to set up your water energizing system, the core of your high cell hydration… if you make it complicated, or if you want to do it your way, or if you want to be creative about it, or if you just simply don’t agree with me?

When you buy the Water Energizer Audio, I make you pay for handholding. But still… if you are too incoherent, you may need me to charge your water remotely… which is probably the hardest thing for me to do, for two reasons: 1. it is superhuman effort… 2. It opens me up and makes me vulnerable to the Dark Side people…

So I charge an arm and a leg for it… and won’t agree to do your water, unless you have tried every which way yourself…

Laziness doesn’t qualify you for my help. Sorry… life is tough.

  1. co·her·ence
    noun: coherence; plural noun: coherences
  2. 1.
    the quality of being logical and consistent.
    “this raises further questions on the coherence of state policy”
    synonyms: consistency, logicality, good sense, soundness, organization, orderliness, unity; More
    clarity, articulacy;
    intelligibility, comprehensibility
    “this raises further questions on the coherence of state policy”
    antonyms: incoherence
    the quality of forming a unified whole.
    “the group began to lose coherence and the artists took separate directions”
  3. in·co·her·ent
    adjective: incoherent
  4. 1.
    (of spoken or written language) expressed in an incomprehensible or confusing way; unclear.
    “he screamed some incoherent threat”
    synonyms: unclear, confused, muddled, unintelligible, incomprehensible, hard to follow, disjointed, disconnected, unconnected, disordered, mixed up, garbled, jumbled, scrambled; More
  5. pow·er
    noun: power; plural noun: powers
  6. 1.
    the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.
    “the power of speech”
    synonyms: ability, capacity, capability, potential, potentiality, faculty, property, competence, competency
    “my mother suffered a stroke and lost the power of speech”
    antonyms: inability, incapacity
    the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.
    “she had me under her power”

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Publish at Raise your vibration true empath, coach, publisher, mad scientist, living a life that is worth living