Commitment… the c-word… and saving grace

Sophie Benshitta Maven
8 min readMay 16, 2021

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I bet when you read ‘c-word’, you were thinking of something else… But don’t be mistaken, people are more afraid of commitment than the c-word you thought I meant…

Here is a quote from Rob Brezsny: When a crocodile slams its jaws shut, the energy it summons is powerful. But when the beast opens its jaws, the force it exerts is weak. That’s because the muscles used to close the mouth are much more robust than the muscles used to open.

Humans, you? shy away from commitments: Commitment is jaws open… allowing. Why?

Because commitment feels like bondage, like voluntary enslavement, like saying a lot of no’s to a lot of nice things… the end of a life of liberty. Life opening up, and you need to stay open.

Commitment feels like opening yourself up.

Open is associated with danger. You leave your door open, your car door open, your mouth open, your heart open… Untold and unimaginable dangers may come.

So whenever you actually do make a commitment, everything goes haywire. As if things got a signal: NOW…

The phone will ring for emergencies, everyone will suddenly want your attention, you’ll win the lottery, you’ll lose your checkbook… your dad’s health will turn for worse, you’ll remember all the things that need to get done… a whole slew of unexpected events will come your way to excuse you of that commitment… (as opposed to what Murrey says in his famous quote)

I use the word commitment only for big things like losing a hundred pounds, giving up sugar, starting a business, getting married, starting a healthy diet, starting a workout regimen… actions or purposes that without commitment will never happen… actions or purposes that need you to re-arrange your life to fulfill upon.

What happens when you finally make a commitment?

Common sense (coming from false teaching) says that commitment would open up the channels of a benevolence that would help you every step of the way.



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