Communication: Access to Power… Create with your WORD

Sophie Benshitta Maven
10 min readDec 8, 2019

We had our last What’s Missing workshop for the season yesterday.

What a learning experience it was! Again.

I found out that unbeknownst to me I was still hesitant to believe that I am going to live, that I am not on borrowed time, that if I save money, I’ll have a chance to use it.

This, under the conscious awareness issue has been running my life for 72 years… I have never been able to save any real money… and now I see why. It is time to begin to manage this… so I can actually buy a car, now that I can drive again.

Teaching? Are you sure you taught?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating of it. The proof of teaching is in actions consistent with the teaching.

I have, in the past ten or so years, taught my students everything they need to know to be explosively happy and successful people… but at these events I always find out truly what part of the teaching didn’t land, what they never heard, and then I can try to teach those again.

I think language is stupid: it doesn’t have a word for when I teach and it didn’t go through, and another word when it does.

Just like this same language uses the word “communication” as talking were communication. Unless the words cause the desired change over the other, no communication has taken place.

Stupid… and deceptive.

And this may be true about what happened last night: It is possible that albeit the words were repeated with some skepticism, and trepidation by the students, it is possible that no learning took place.

Learning is tricky… learning words is not learning. Unless the behavior, inner or outer…

Sophie Benshitta Maven

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