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Curiosity… Hunger… appetite… sexual desire…are you killing them all?

Your parents, your teachers told you: don’t eat candy, don’t eat cookies before dinner: it will kill your appetite.

The five “hardware-type” needs, the needs for energy supply, information, safety, reproduction and group are guided by feelings… all a lot like hunger.

Hunger can be fulfilled with empty calories or good, nourishing food.

The need, the second most vital need is the hunger for information. We also call that curiosity. You can fulfill it, just like the first one, with junk.

Curiosity is one of the main factors when one wants to know how far someone can rise in anything… job, knowing, vibration.

If you fill your curiosity with junk… you won’t have any left for the stuff that you need to grow, to set your internal map right.

The patient is full, fat, bloated, no aliveness, no energy, no ability to live a full life.

Food that hits your stomach that is already full with junk won’t digest and won’t nourish you.
Information that hits your brain that is already saturated with mundane junk will come and go…

You may not care. But if you pretend that you want to grow, raise your vibration by buying any of my products, either stop pretending, or stop feeding yourself with junk.

You know who you are.

Work up a healthy appetite for what your body needs, and what information will serve your need for information.

These needs are foundational, and without them there is no life.

No wonder that the powers that be promote the filling of those needs with junk.

And you are too feeble to say No.

Catch yourself before you wreck yourself.

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If you think you are there, you won’t move a limb…

I am dealing with a few people who think they are god’s gift to the world.

They think themselves clever, and definitely more clever thank others.

As I am re-learning Hungarian after a 35 year absence, I see depth that the English language, on the level where I have managed to master it, with my vocabulary, is not able to have a lot of shades of gray… a lot of nuance.

The word one picks, if it is accurate, tells the whole story.

So, for example, someone with a vibration of 200… their experience of life may be that they are masters, and everyone else is a bumbling idiot. Especially if the personality of this person is that of a high achiever, curious, and eager.

Now, nothing wrong in that.


Without the capacity of humility, it starts to be a narrow cone of vision. That narrow cone of vision makes that someone not even suspect that there are other smart people… and some, gasp!, may even be smarter than him.

They are so full of themselves that they cannot see past themselves.

I am looking at a couple of them… struggle in the daily life, things don’t go well… and yet, there is no question that they could actually grow some more, that they could actually ask someone who is not themselves, for some outside opinion.

And god forbid, another person could see something they can’t see, could not see, would not see, unless they climb a little higher on the vibrational scale.

Lack of humility prevents them from even thinking that.

Often your wording gives you away. You praise things as if god has assigned you the job of judge. As if what you see isn’t your personal feeling about the thing… but it is the truth.

Or you ask me: “what is your take on that?” in a topic where I can either know, or can ask Source… They treat me as an underling who they quietly dispise, but occasionally praise to appease.

And some of these people, to appease me, call me teacher… big sigh.

You have no idea how transparent you are… at least to me.

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Why is your inner map of reality so out of alignment with actual reality?

If you watch animals, you rarely see them being dumb… by animal standards. and only when there is a reality set up that doesn’t naturally occur in nature…

But when you watch children, people, you see an awful lot of stupidity.

The culprit is words. Words that are taught inaccurately to children, words that carry attached marker feelings that are culturally, prejudicially loaded… feelings don’t naturally belong to the word.

When you want to disassemble your map of reality, the first thing you need to do is erase the marker feelings. Pleasant or unpleasant, they probably don’t belong naturally.

Why you would want to disassemble your map of reality instead of spot-correcting it?

The same reason you first unbutton a wrongly buttoned vest… Or you can start playing with it, and it will never be right.

But, of course, taking apart your inner map of reality is frightening. For the duration of this process, you’ll have nothing to stand on… the abyss.

So you spend your whole life justifying your wrongly buttoned shirt, sweater, or overcoat.

You read books that are wrongly buttoned.
You watch movies that are wrongly buttoned.
You follow gurus, teachers, healers who confirm your bias for wrongly buttoned inner reality.

Trust me, it is a lot easier to find wrongly buttoned things and people than to find the right buttoned people, or to rebuild your inner reality on the ruins of your inaccurate one.

But with easy comes more misery.

You always have a choice.

You probably have already chosen.

The familiar misery is a lot less frightening than the unfamiliar and glorious unkonwn.

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You can’t have it both ways.

Giving anything your full faith is rare. And when you don’t… when you try to straddle two paradigms at once, the worse takes over, the one where you are a victim of someone else making decisions for you.

This is especially true in the area of health and well-being.

Double insurance… taking drugs and taking herbs, or your nutritionals…

One of my students got ill with the flu… not in the USA… Her numbers were around 40–50% last year, both for her health and her cell hydration. It’d taken her four years faithfully following a diet to heal her gut. Then last September she started to travel: visiting her children in different countries.

Around Christmas her numbers were already down to 10~20%

And now her health is at 7% and her hydration is also at 7%.

Her husband is a physician, so I was sure she was taking pharmaceuticals. And she was. Analgesics.

Your body knows when you don’t trust it. It lets go of taking care of you, and throws up its arms… do what you want…

And then you kill it.

She worked for a long time to build herself into the 50% range, and she will have to spend years again to build herself up.

It is a lot better deal to maintain yourself.

It’s like weight: if you don’t check yourself: you’ll wreck yourself.

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Your hour is worth more or less according to what you do in that hour…

I have done advertising and other work for people for years. I had the know-how, and I had the traffic. Online, in my magazine… etc.

Some of my advertisers occasionally wanted to trade. But I had no use for what they did for a living, so they offered me to help clean or organize my office.

They considered their hour worth a hundred bucks… but I would not hire someone to clean my place for a hundred bucks an hour… so these arrangements always resulted in a lot of bad blood between us: the gap could not be bridged.

So what am I trying to say, and why is this relevant to you?

Because you may have a real hard time grasping the distinction “value”… especially when there is an I, a my is in the same sentence.

So what is your value?

That is actually a stupid question. You don’t have a value per se.

Value only exist in interaction… according to Feelings, the new science…

In its scientific language, the book defines value like this…

If an existing interaction between a given system and its environment can cease and its cessation negatively influences the operation of the given system then we assign the word ‘value’ to these interactions

So let’s look at house cleaning/organizing: you come to my house and you interact with my house…

If i take away what you did, or what you can do: is my house better or worse off?

If it is worse of because you didn’t do what you did… than what you did was valuable for the “system”, in this case the house. So it is to my benefit to reward you with something valuable to be even…

Let’s look at the advertising I did: If I stop advertising your services and you can see that now you make a few thousand dollars less in a month… then my advertising is valuable to your business… so you want to reward me for the service I provided.

You look at my time, and you look at your time… you compare the two, and voilà… you consider your hour worth a $100 and you consider my hour worth $10. Why? Because you consider your work more valuable than you consider mine.

But it’s really comparing the wrong things. You need to see what it’s worth for you to get an extra few thousand bucks a month, and I need to see how much it would cost me to hire someone to clean my house.

I bet that you will find, given that money has less value for you than time, that paying me with money is a better deal for you, and for me? It is all the same… If you clean as well as a $15 an hour professional cleaner.

If you ever thought this through, you would adjust your map to reality, and you’d have a lot less suffering.

When I price my services to you, I have to be careful to do business with only people who can benefit.

My hour, what you pay for, needs to bring you enough value, so you’ll be happy to have paid for it.

It doesn’t matter what is the potential value of what I do if you can’t get that much value… I have had coaches, and I wasn’t able to make use of the potential value they provided: I lacked what I needed to turn potential into reality.

The question is: is it worth for me? To listen to you… to pay you to do this or that…

The other day I ordered grocery delivery. My options for getting grocery are as follows: 1. take the bus (2 hours) $2 2. take the van (2–3 hours) $10 3. order delivery. No time spent, and about $20 peer delivery.

When I look if it is worth for me, I find that in those two hours, plus the recovery from travel, etc. I can make a lot more money than $20…

So from now on I only buy personally the stuff I cannot order online.

Does this make my grocery more expensive? Yes. But it also gives me more time to make money.

If you are on a fixed income, and your time doesn’t produce money… then going on shopping trips is the better option for you.

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