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Disclaimer: My reviews on health, supplements, and nutrition, practitioners, systems, modalities are based on a little knowledge and a lot of muscle testing. I am not a doctor, I am not a nutritionist, I am not a pharmacist… I am a True Empath, an avid reader, and a very diligent muscle tester. I also test some stuff on myself. To the tune of thousands of dollars worth of stuff a year. ((If you read my bio, I went from an unwanted preemie, to a sickly baby, to a sick adult. Sick in my body, sick in my spirit. I woke up to the possibility of taking responsibility for my own well being, when the doctors were suggesting to operate on my stomach that had been bothering me for 25 years. I heard the quiet little voice say: no. That was pretty much the last time I went, voluntarily, to a doctor. A few more times I was taken… but none of those incidents with the medical establishment turned out well for me. Adhesions that are crippling. Major brain damage due to medical error. Loss of teeth due to medical greed. At some point I was reading seven different “alternative” newsletters, only to distill my opinion: they all are trying to sell me something. It is the truth with anyone and everyone who makes more money if you follow their instructions or advice. In my practice, I make sure this is not the case. I make money for what I do… and your well-being, smile, and thriving is my “tip”.)) I also test on clients: it is never intentional, but it is often a test nevertheless. Watching, observing evaluating, learning new things.

The art of asking questions is to get to the cause… to the root.

My writing is 70% true. Which means 30% is not true, not accurate, not complete… Mostly not true in the sense that I didn’t get to the root… Today the highest truth value I encounter in health matters is Dr. Joel Wallach: he is also 70% accurate. I double check what he says, and don’t teach what tested not quite true, or not true. Sentence by sentence, idea by idea. We only overlap 50% in what we teach. [caption id=”attachment_37378" align=”alignleft” width=”300"]

Chemical hazard pictograms Toxic focus[/caption] Am I saying the same thing about Youngevity products? Their truth value is only 20%. Obviously there is a gap between theory and execution.

So what does Dr. Joel Wallach say that has a 70% truth value? He says that you need nutrients every day, 90 essential nutrients, according to his opinion. Why opinion? We don’t know if it is a fact. Muscle test says you only need 31 nutrients daily. If you give it more, it is either OK, or just plain wasteful. Or maybe, occasionally, harmful. Hm… that sounds bad, doesn’t it? I muscle test my supplement intake every day. Supplements are meant to supplement your diet… so I eat a diet that is about ten, maybe 12 food items… I am going to count and get back to you. Here is an interesting tidbit: I muscle test if I should take Vitamin C (Powdered Acerola Cherries the only vitamin C product that has tested yes… out of hundreds!) every day. Most days I need a capsule or two, ((I put the powder in AAA size (big) capsules, because there is no way I was going to eat sour powder… I assume it is sour…)) but on days when I consume even just one slice of pepper, I don’t need more Vitamin C. And I don’t even need it the next day. And I love pepper. In season. Peppers that test yes to my particular DNA. ((Not all peppers are created equal… But I’ll talk about that in another article.)) This tells me that what you hear about your need for a lot of Vitamin C is bull, no matter if the person got a Nobel Prize for it or not. :-( ((When it comes to looking at who is in the room, who is speaking, is it worth listening to them question: i have no respect for authority. I know how much people sell their soul for rank, fame and fortune… so I muscle test… lol, no matter who is speaking. I only trust Source, of All-of-It, and occasionally I even have an argument with Source.)) Another nutrient, on the other hand, Manganese: no one talks about it. Unless I eat zucchini, which I like but not every day, Manganese tests: yes, you need it.

  • Eating grains… using oils in your diet… sugar or fruits… all signal dietary mistakes, and serious deficiencies in some minerals.
  • Your mental state, attitude to life is also reflected in your nutritional deficiency: once you get it a better state, the deficiency disappears.
  • Hair, hearing, belly fat can be detected, without seeing you, in a nutritional deficiency.
  • Or anemia, mostly because you have microscopic bleeding in your intestines, or you are a vegan or vegetarian.
  • Or lack of stomach acid and other causes of you not digesting your food… either in the stomach or in the intestines… I can tell what you need to do to make your digestion get you well.

These are just examples. Your test results tell me almost everything I need to know… and this is why I mostly know everything about you before I even talk to you.

The discrepancy between the 70% truth value and Youngevity’s 20% truth value is commercial intent. Nutrient peddlers (youngevity!) want you to take their supplements without ever stopping to see or muscle test if you need it every day, or at all. So, if you want to be intelligent: what should you do?

  • Step 1: get your cells hydrated. 90% of ills disappear when you can sustain 30% or above cell hydration level. Bad skin, digestive issues, energy issues, intelligence issues, emotional issues.

Why? Because the body behaves differently when it is incoherent… and drying out. Cell hydration puts you in a more coherent state. What is YOUR cell hydration?

Symptoms that persist after your cells are hydrated are real and need to be addressed. I looked at a young girl’s picture yesterday. Her skin is covered with acne… I muscle tested, and even though she eats the wrong foods, even though she has nutritional deficiencies, muscle test said that her skin would clear up just from hydrating her cells with my Water Energizer audio, to 30% plus. This is also a step, that unless you complete it, I won’t give you a health consultation, accept you in my coaching program… nothing.

  • Step 2: learn muscle testing. There are two things that prevent people to test effectively: 1. their inability to connect to Source 2. their lack of self-trust.

These same people rely on my muscle testing for them… their lack or self-trust of course mean: they don’t trust me either. So it is their slavish nature that takes over… colored with resentment. Resenting having to rely on me. Ugh.

  • Step 3: have a health consultation with me. it consists of two sessions (minimum). It will give you a good foundation. And if some ‘stuff’ hits the fan, you change stuff, you get hurt, you get infection, you move and have to change where you buy your food, you had a vacation… etc. all ‘stuff’ hitting the fan, you just consult with me again, so you can get back to health.

Simple. Not expensive. Buying designer supplements is a lot more expensive and ineffective.

I think that when you introduce a nutrient that you have been deficient in, you experience a jump in energy, and sense of well-being. But you don’t need to keep it up: the results will not be there, because more is not better. Of anything. Of course it is hard to curb your fixit nature, and it is hard to curb your greed (the greed says: the more the merrier!). Last week I had swarms of flies in my apartment. All the same size, same age. I knew some source of dead flesh was in the house, but could not find it. So I ordered enough traps to deal with this infestation. By the time the traps arrived: no more flies. The dead body, mouse or mice, were eaten up, dried up. I feed my plant based garbage to my red worm farm… so I don’t produce garbage. And meat? I have no meat in the garbage… lol. I lick my plate… oops, too much information… lol. Read the rest at



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