Do you have, do you create drama in your life? Excitement?… or how to become a producer instead

Sophie Benshitta Maven
9 min readJun 24, 2019

This article may bring some pointers how you can have a life of producing results instead of drama.

Why isn’t everyone breaking a path to my door to participate in the Playground, my groundbreaking program?

When I look at my new buyer list, and the products they buy, I get a clearer sense of who I am reaching. I make no effort to reach anyone specific, anyone particular… by the way. I don’t know how to reach the person who would be able and willing to even consider taking the long road to where they want to get to. People want instant of near-instant results. Titillating results.

Just like art house movies are deemed boring, because the cuts are longer than a few seconds long… paths are deemed boring, tedious, and undesirable, if they take longer than 2–3 days, or alternatively a short exciting class with magical stuff in it.

When I look at, for example, happy testimonials, I NEVER see any testimonial form someone who has used the product longer than a week, in fact most testimonials are given after buying or receiving… and talk about the excitement the buyer feels about the result they probably won’t get.

All the mistakes I have ever made came from the same place: I filled out the unknown and unknowable with some imagination of some success or result I would have loved to have. And because I could already taste it, I could already see it, I got really excited. And then I made a mistake… I did, and lost the whole house of cards… while I could have just shut up and go step by tiny step… and not open my big mouth.

It is hard to learn this lesson, because when you are under the spell of the desire trap, the name of the phenomenon I am talking about, you are in an altered state: you don’t know you are in a desire trap. You are mesmerized and you don’t know it. You are hypnotized and you don’t know it. So you act consistently with the mirage… and you destroy it.

The number of people who are caught in the high desire/low ambition trap is getting higher.

Why? I am not sure.

I think people are…



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