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This article can create a turning point for you. It probably won’t… but it is not the article’s fault. If you think you already know, if you think you are already smart… it won’t do a thing for you. So better you just leave now…

I just worked on extracting the relevant part from Sunday’s Muscle testing course recording…

The part where I am talking about the nature of the universe… its wave nature.

What is wave nature? It’s going on and off frequently. Another word for that is oscillation.

If you consider life and the universe particles… a thing… you are wrong more often than you’d like to be. Always?

One of the manifestation of this is faulty thinking that sounding smart is the same as being smart.

If you have ever had the opportunity to be around really smart people as they are attempting to understand or integrate something new, they sound really stupid.

On the other hand, you know, I bet, a lot of really smart sounding people who never amounted to much. They laugh, hm-hm at the right time, say really insightful things, and you think they are smart.

But I have a surprise for you: those smart sounding people are really stupid. The stupidity is that they confuse sounding smart and the work it takes to actually get something, understand it, integrate it, make it useful.

This is what separates the children and MEN. Children do things to survive, MEN do things because they either need it or enjoy it.

Whatever I teach is very difficult. You need to rearrange your molecules to get it.

If you get it on the mind-level, you won’t benefit from it. And getting it on the level where it makes a difference: it is painful.

About half of the students I have engage in pretending to be smart, while their results in life are pitiful.



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