What is the common error in many of the spiritual practices, an error that result in not what someone wanted from the practice, but instead forcing, or self-righteousness… neither of which are very spiritual?See footnote 1

I am learning a lot by observing Gurjieff at different stages of his journey, and through the different students he had.

If I am not mistaken, the mistake is made early on… in the intention.

I have learned different meditation techniques. What was in common with them is the desire to be free from the thoughts, and the harmful emotions.

It is the wrong start.

Werner said: the goal is not to change the causes, not to change life; the goal is to strengthen you so you can be strong in spite of anything: any causes, any circumstances, anything happening to you. Life.

This prepares you for nothing.

It is a lot like a man who wants to be strong by avoiding anything heave to lift.

If you want to be able to be strong in the real world, you need to develop muscles that can lift, and push, and turn, and hold, and whatever else you do with muscles.

The techniques you learn teach you how to be weak, how to be disturbed by anything, how to have no control over anything… unless you are protected from the outside.

What is the breakthrough in the methodology I teach is this: we went to the animal world, instead of some enlightened person… who is not enlightened… unless.

Like a coach who can only teach if and when the student is servile… doesn’t argue, doesn’t claim that it needs to be looked at in the context of their business, their temperament, their morality.

Or like your fair-weather friends… or you…

The job of today’s human, if he wants to become a human being, the next evolutionary stage of the human species, is to forget self-protection… instead to get stronger in the face that life is.

Of course only a minute percentage of humanity is interested in that. That is why I have webinars with 5–6 participants, on a good day.

Don’t bristle… I mean it. Practically none of the spiritual practices you can learn nowadays anywhere are producing no spiritual results.

You want to be grateful and appreciative because you were told that gratitude opens the gates of heaven.

Maybe… but only… make sure you are sitting: only if you first confront all the hate and anger and spite and near unbearable desire you have…

And only when you can stare those in the eye, be at peace in their presence, that is when gratitude can well up.

All the people who come to my site to find out what is the vibrational frequency of money… they try to get into the vibrational frequency of abundance while everything about them spells scarcity, survival, forcing, desperation, etc…

Until they get how what they are hoping for is not available until they face the tiger: how wretched they are, and face the tiger with the intention to see it, to map it, to count the hairs in its ears.

As long as you are running from ugly, hiding from ugly, say no to ugly, you are doing the opposite of what is spiritual.

I don’t remember where I read it, but spirituality is like the lotus flower: grows out of mud, ugliness, stinkiness, maybe even evilness.

Ugly, stinky, evil seen, not resisted, not willed away, not used even as a stepping stone.

And, in my experience, the path to that is a deep appreciation of how life is. How human nature is. How the human condition is. How the mind is. How the voices are. How everything that is being said carries an emotional charge, if taken personally. Everything. Good, and bad…

What I find very interesting is how little of what I say gets through.

Your ability to actually hear what I am saying is so small… I am feeling like a person in a deaf country…

You don’t even have a question, an inkling of a tiny doubt that you heard what I said wrongly, that you interpreted it as its opposite, and if you will keep doing what you “understood” then you’ll remain exactly the way you have been: wretched.

Do you need to be a true empath to be able to do what I am doing, be the way I am being?

No. Actually it is a hindrance. Having to feel all those feelings of others!

What would help in not being so sure of yourself. To learn to look, learn to listen, and use bracketing, successive approximation to get to what you need to be, who you need to be to become a match to Life.

OK, if you are a student of mine… until you get the Amish Horse Training method right… nothing more can be said for you.

  1. I don’t know every spiritual practice. But judging from the results of all that practicing, the average vibration of humanity is falling… and the level of wretchedness is rising. :-\

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