Water Energizer Audio: Energize Your Water With Energies Embedded in Audio; Beta Testers Complete! Necessity is the mother of invention… Or we could say that Creative Problem Solving is the mother of invention, at least in my case. Five days ago I created an Avatar State Activator for myself, for Creative Problem Solving… I needed it to solve some issues that looked like a catch 22… impossible to solve. I played the audio and was wondering what kind of “solution” I will find to my problem. Today I received an order for a liter of energized water from a student… and realized that I so underpriced it, that I was working for free… not a good thing… lol. Then I had an idea: what if I could record myself energizing water, would the energy be embedded in the audio? Muscle test said yes… so I recorded it and you can get it now. How does it work?

You play the audio on an mp3 player or on your computer, and you wrap a small speaker, an earbud, headphones around the bottle of water you want to energize to 650 vibration. Depending on the initial vibration of the water, depending on the quantity, and depending on the way you attached the mp3 device to the bottle, the water will fully energize in anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. And to help you harmonize yourself at the same time, I layered it with the Harmonize Your Vibration activator… talk about an all-around solution.

Although I know it works, I will still need betatesters, mainly to get enough testimonials to be believable: after all there are so many ineffective energy products on the market, who would believe me… right? UPDATE: I don’t need more beta testers. Here is how it works:

If you already own the Harmonize Your Vibration or any other activators, I’ll add the new Water Energizer to the one you are currently using and notify you when it’s ready. One per payment only. Eventually all activators will offer the option to include this new Water Energizer energy… Be aware that it will take some processing time after you order. I recommend that you start to use this new audio instead of the old one: this one will energize your entire environment, your body if you are near, and will effectively override a lot of harmful energies around the audio source. Use it 24/7, as before. ((This was a test))

As a betatester you will pay an introductory price. If you don’t already own the Harmonize Your Vibration, you can still participate, but you will need to pay more.

Check out the Water Energizer Audio here. If you have had your Starting Point Measurements, I’ll email you a link to buy it. Why not make it public? Because unless you use it, and use it correctly, you are pissing on my leg… That’s why. So I have to make sure I don’t sell it to someone who won’t use it and use it correctly. Update June 2017: this article is four years old. The audio hasn’t changed: it has been instrumental in making me healthier, more able to deal with life. The most dramatic aspects are these:

  • 1. I now have to pee only a few times a day. I used to have to pee every hour. It was a real source of embarrassment that I could not sit through a lecture, a movie, a date, a class without having to jump up and run to the bathroom.
  • Today I can sleep through the night… or sit through a long lecture, a movie, a meal. 2. I used to really suffer from any temperature changes. One degree up or down, and I had to put on extra clothes or take off…Where I live, it tends to get hot in the summer. And it used to be a source of real suffering… Now I sail through it, and can even sleep at night. I don’t use air conditioners.One of my students used to energize her water and be resilient to heat or cold. For some emotional reason she stopped… and she is suffering. She is in Europe.
  • 3. I haven’t had a cold since I started to use my Water Energizer. And finally I could stop going to the chiropractor… and was able to start exercising, and get stronger again.

Another insight that wasn’t available in 2013: When your cells are hydrated, your whole being comes out of survival and scarcity. You are more relaxed and calm. And that alone is worth the price of the Energizer audio… monthly. But, of course, the audio is yours and you can use it as long as you are alive. PS: One more result I haven’t shared.

I also have a small speaker with built in mp3 player, playing in my refrigerator. Result: no smell. Things don’t rot. I now only go shopping once in every two or three weeks, and I don’t have to throw anything away, whereas I used to have vegetables rot on me. Now they may dry out, but don’t rot. Exception: zucchini and cucumbers… but they last 2–3 times longer than before.

I learned that from the Sante Water people… http://www.biznet1.com/water/egg_energy.htm The big differences are 1. the price 2. the audio never loses its effectiveness, while the old method did. By the time it arrived to your home, it was not effective any more. The mini speaker in the refrigerator is, by the way, the best water energizing method, for a small household… the refrigerator bottles are affordable, and you can rotate them: one charges, the other you drink from. Easy peasy.

Read the rest at http://www.yourvibration.com/3753/energize/



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