These are the type of words that unless you get them right, your chances for clarity are dimmed, and you remain a bumbling idiot. Oh, you didn’t know that you are a bumbling idiot? Now you know.

One of the reasons people talk ONLY about the end result is… drumroll please, because they themselves didn’t have to scale that mountain, they are only talking about it.

Ayn Rand says this, through Roark and Gail Wynand:

The opposite of awareness is being asleep

Here is another thing he says:

You cannot find a life you can love without a Self to love it.

The absolute fastest way to fill that emptiness is through Competence.

No mastery without Self, no Self without mastery.


  1. I just did a little search on Google “path to self” and found almost eight million pages… but none of them considers that before you can get self-confidence, self-fulfillment, self-compassion, and myriad of those self-hyphen-something, you need to have a Self.
  • So what is a Self? Self is your consciousness. Your spirit, your soul.
  1. Yogapedia says: The Self is what makes someone an individual; it is the essential being of a person, one’s ego, and the awareness of one’s own inner person. One of the aims of yoga is to become more self-aware, able to distinguish between one’s inner life and thoughts, as well as connect with the higher or true Self.



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta Maven


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