Maybe you feel clueless? Maybe you feel left behind?

Here is MY clueless story…

I have been asking questions more than normal.

In the past seven years, my site’s readership WAS steadily growing… until a month or two ago when it dropped to approximately half of what it was at that point.

It didn’t, or better English, hasn’t effected my income, but it looked troubling enough to start asking questions.

The pull to ask why questions is tremendous… Why me, why now, why people don’t like me?

Meh… But what other questions can I ask?

Now, that is a really useful question: what other questions can I ask?

I’ll return to my own quandary about the drop-off in my site’s numbers… but let me make a detour into this: what do questions can do… good or bad… topic.

To get good answers, you need to expand your cone of vision… You need to make attempts to seeing the big picture.

Seeing the big picture is actually a skill that most of humanity has not cultivated for a long time.

Seeing the big picture is including the environment of an event, the context, where it make a whole different sense than if you just look at the event.

I won’t go into detail here, but the difference between the narrow view and the wide view can mean the difference between happy and unhappy, rich or poor, healthy or sick, effective or ineffective, fulfilled or listless, bored, aimless… so acquiring the skill of looking at the big picture really can mean the difference between living the good live or living the meh, bad life.

Only 10% of humanity sees the benefit of looking at the big picture. The will to see the big picture is there for them, but unfortunately a skill often requires muscle development… because the muscles required for seeing the big picture have atrophied.

I got bedridden ill earlier this summer, and by the time I got well enough, my leg muscles forgot how to walk… In just a few weeks.

Your eyes have forgotten how to move to see the big picture a lot longer than a few weeks.

I took part in a six month long exercise regimen back in 1996, and then I followed it with computer exercises, exercises that I am still doing to this day. All to keep my eye muscles willing and able to do the work of seeing the big picture.

On one hand the eyes taking in more than just a little slice of reality… the more information needed to be processed by the brain… and that made the brain grow.

Your brain-size is still there, I hope, but the incoming information is, due to the eyes forgetting to look, isn’t.

One good exercise regimen is eyeQ online practice. Another one I teach when I activate the capacity for the wide cone of vision, one of the exercises I started with in 1996.

There is a whole field of Behavioral Optometry… the fact that you have never heard of it doesn’t mean it is not something that is done, or something that is needed to almost every single person on the planet.

So, returning to my original topic: asking different questions to diagnose the drop in the number of my visitors, it has become obvious to me that the questions I have been asking are ineffective, and moreover fingerpointing: either pointing the accusatory finger at myself, or at the search engines, or at the people…

As I was starting to look at questions, I activated my brainstem “organ”, my reticular activator, and suddenly seemingly every article, every email, every conversation started to answer my unasked question: What the heck happened?

The capacity or skill to keep your attention on a question is maybe even more atrophied that the ability to see the big picture… Why?

Your attention is what makes money for the people who are only about making money, no matter what. And your attention is the most important element to manipulate for the 3-card monte people and other magician act performers, like politicians, governments: just watch my hand carefully… while I stab you in the back. Or lift your wallet… And you remain clueless, because your attention is so distractible… not under your control.

Here is the good news, and here is the bad news:

You have two missing skills/capacities that you can learn and practice so you can return your brain to its former glory.

The bad news is: only 10% of humanity are even interested. And even that 10% is probably too jaded, too lost, too lazy, too hopeless, to be able to say: I will “sacrifice” a year or so of my time to be able to see more of reality, so I can become all I can become.

You need to know that the collective sentiment of humanity, at this stage, is: “It’s hopeless… therefore it is not worth it.”

It’s hard to know what to do. It’s hard to know what will make a difference and what won’t.

Even the eyeQ creators don’t know what their software is doing.

They don’t know that the exercises, done in the right context can create miracles, done in the wrong context can make your problem worse.

They don’t know that keeping your eyes on the prize instead of the process will debilitate you further. Will keep you in the desire trap, and entrench you even further, without you knowing what is killing your desires.

Or keep you in Plato’s Cave… while you think you are out there in reality, playing.

It’s tricky, and I personally don’t know anyone who can diagnose you minutely as you are doing what you think you are doing.

My ongoing low intensity coaching program, The Reclaim… is a long term program.

Best to buy a lifetime agreement, except I want both of us to know if it is going to work of not before we get married… so don’t rush. Pay week by week, and see in the process who you are: it is very educational.

How you do anything is how you do everything… so many of your questions will be answered by your behavior in The Reclaim, so you’ll understand what you are doing that causes you grief, so you can correct it.

Anyway, the Reclaim program includes a copy of the 67 steps ($67) and $15 a week for the coaching.

Your 67 steps program is yours to keep, even if you cancel your coaching.

For a limited time I’ll include your Starting Point Measurements, regularly $15, to see where you should start working right away.

Refund policy: full refund within the first seven days.

PS: I know, I know… I started my story and then left it like it didn’t matter… OK… here you go. I found an article, “Survival of the Richest” and a podcast (audio) that clued me in into the “end of the world” sentiments of the people I’d most like to talk to.

It opened my eyes, and reminded me that my “job” is to take humanity to the next level of evolution, human being. All of humanity. And to know that the powers that work against hope, the powers that work against us joining forces are tremendous… and evil. And that, maybe, I could start talking the language hope… finally.

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