Focus on the things you can control… but what can you really control?

One of the invisible dynamics that I haven’t much spoken about, thus far, is attraction.

So I know I am speaking into a resistant echo…

this is a backdrop for a video… a fake office with a fake view

What is a backdrop?

this is a backdrop more like the truth about your backdrop

Your backdrop in action.

We can look at the backdrop from three different angles:

It is not fun talking to you. You don’t allow the other person to hear themselves.

Werner Erhard copied the process without the training of the “auditor”.

It was amazing to see that the echo and the speaking are in a perfect dance…

OK, let’s look at another effect of your backdrop. The inner chatter… This is where the “attraction” type of phenomenon happens.

You have multiple frames too. The noise comes from them arguing.

When we go into the incidents in their lives… we can find the originating incident: in fact a string of incidents. They are repeating.

From my personal experience: realizing that I create my life unwittingly, is not a pleasant experience. One would expect you to celebrate, but the dark wolf dares to differ.

Is the Dark Wolf bad? No, it is only true to its nature. Is the soul good? No, it is only true to its nature.

  • The Dark Wolf tempts you with transient pleasures… excitement, titillation, “winning”…
  • The soul has only a future to offer you… no excitement in the moment.

Can I measure if you are going to get there? To the tumbleweed stage?

PS: As I said above, there are two kinds of backdrops, the default backdrop, and the created backdrop.

PPS: As I am sitting here, editing this article, the mailman delivers a lovely postcard from Cape May, NJ.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta Maven


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