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The second part of the title, “except that not always” is doesn’t apply for at least 10% of you: you won’t even see the difference when I point it out.See footnote 1

The most frustrating thing is, that you are sure you are saying or understanding the right words… but you don’t. And you blame it on the speaker saying that what they said doesn’t work.

How do I know?

For most people, who become a student in my programs, this is the first hurdle to pass.

You come into my program with a 300 accurate vocabulary, and you only hear the words you think you know what they mean, but that is not what I said.

I only find out what you heard when you tell me my words back to me… wrong. inaccurate. different words. Different meaning. Or Tai’s words, if you are in the 67 steps coaching…See footnote 2

The faster I found out the better: because I can instruct you to read, and correct your errors diligently.

Depending on your relationship to feedback, and your arrogance score, you either get better or you don’t.

The other day I was pondering what makes me still spunky at age 70 and still grow like a weed.

I realized that all my life I did some physical activity that required me to be agile, and coordinated.

Not one thing, like basketball for Tai… no. I competed in swimming, in tennis, in gymnastics, and in ping pong.

I also danced… on stage. I did pantomime for three years. I have been walking, rowed, kayaked, sailed, and when I didn’t do or couldn’t do that: I went to the gym.

I also played the violin and classical guitar… they are also physical more than anything.

Why am I sharing this? Because the more you are connected to your body, the less you are in your mind, the less you are listening to what other people say is the truth: you check in with yourself.

But most of you didn’t do much physically… so you live in your mind.

Actually, you live in the bull’s ear… the bull is moving, but for you nothing seems to change. You see the same thing no matter where you are.

What is the name of the train?

Some 20–25 years ago I didn’t have this really interesting metaphor, the bull’s ear… so I used a different one to express that for you everything is the same as everything else…

The metaphor I used is that you are traveling on a train. You can look out on the left, you can look out on the right. If you are adventurous, you can go to the front cabin and look at the rails that go towards the destination, or to the end of the train, look at the rails you left behind.

What you cannot do on a train is this: influence where it’s going. The rails I laid far ahead.

Sometimes the train stops, but you have everything you need on the train, so you never get off.

So you never actually see where the train is going. The destination is written big white letters on the side of the train… invisible for the person on the train.

If you got off the train at any of these stops, you would know where your life is heading… and you could switch to another train…

In effect, lay a different track to a different destination.See footnote 3

In lieu of that (look it up on Google, please) you live in a meme suggested by many: the power of your word… you live in a world of your own design… desire it strongly and it will happen… ask and it will be given… some bullshit like that.

Wish that the destination changes. Do it strongly. Write it on a piece of paper. Read it first thing in the morning and last thing at night… Hahahaha…. that was Mephistopheles laughing at your stupidity.

When I teach A is A… you are the one who is unwilling to look at it and say… ok, A is A… So what do I do now?

You are the one who clings to his desire for A not to be A…

Never asking: so what do I do now?

Let’s say that the name of the train is “You are never going to amount to anything”…

You can fight it. You can say: A is the wrong A. My father should have never said that!

Or say… oh, is that the train I have been on? Gosh darn it… It is not the train I want. So let’s move to another train… but what train?

And spend the next day, week, month contemplating what would be a train to take… at least for a while, that would be a better train… to be in a direction to amount to anything… to be worth a damn.

You would know that you would have to change trains maybe 10 times before you can settle in…

Because your habits have kept you consistent with “never amount to anything”…

Resistance, cowardice, doing things half assed, never look deep or wide enough, doing as little as you can get away with, considering yourself a victim, being puffed up about yourself, pompous and superior… judgmental, only doing things to get to the end… not to do it, reading for the score… you see, each is a good fit with the first train…

And for each habitual way of being to be inconsistent with the new train, you’ll have to switch trains… no escape.

Or not…

You see, it will be OK with you, and you’ll be all right. Do you know how I know it? You’ve been choosing that all your life… so the rest of your life can be the same… You are so used to your misery, what is another 20–30–40–50 years?

So you’ll live. A life of quiet desperation.

Or switch trains. And make sure you know what is the name of the new train… so you don’t accidentally climb back to the old train that was so familiar and so comfortable.

Your path will be only clear to me after a couple of switches.

Because at this point, your word is cheap. You simply lie. As you have… all your life.

Some of you joined my coaching program to be able to say: you see that I am working on myself… but you are still lying. You haven’t even switched trains once.

Every new train needs to be carefully picked. That is why you are in a coaching program.

People like Benjamin Franklin are rare… self-generating…

For the rest of us: you need a mentor, need a coach. Someone who sees far enough, who sees enough details, so they can help you.

Because most people today don’t… you should expect to have many coaches.

Can I take you all the way? I can.

Will you be able to tolerate me all those years? Probably not…

You probably will leave at some point and find someone who is only too happy to lie to you.

They will say things that indicate that you are already god, or something of that vein.

Here is a typical guidance a “make you feel good” person will give you:

The client: I started the quest to find my self 4 years ago, I felt that my spirit is not pleased with my condition and life I have now. Specially my working life. I chose to be an accountant randomly and I don’t like my work at all.

3 years ago I found that I was a creative person and innovative but I can’t be myself in my current work. I must work towards a passion and a purpose. And I feel that I’m not operating at my fully potential at all and I have a lot more in me, I am a doer and action-taker.

But I can’t seem to get it out and I have a lot of limiting beliefs. that I have difficulties to feel my intuition and difficulties to know what I want, what my purpose in life is. I have taken many courses and mentoring before, i have become better but it seems something is lacking for me to transform. My old mentor had a energy healer that she worked with she said this about me:

Karen Daniels- author, soul whisperer, personal vibration 130: K (my client) is operating at 2 levels.

The first level is very deep and close to source — think of it like an underground river.

The other level is at the surface, a stream if you will. He operates currently most often at the stream level though his true creative force and self lie in the deep level.

The energy that separates the 2 levels is a gray/silver. This energy is of K’s making at some past point in time as a form of protection and staying hidden (from what I’m not sure) and he put the intention in it that he would shed that separation (somewhat like a snake skin) at the appropriate time.

What happened during the talk is that he became aware of the 2 separate energies and is looking closely at shedding the separation now — or very soon.

When he operates at the stream level he would sense it as too slow and frustrating though he can still create “success” from there etc. However, it’s from the underground river, when he pulls from that or is it, then his true creations can come forth.

It’s a little hard to explain the strength and purity of this deep energy — I haven’t seen it often and it holds great creative power (“the force”).

Maybe that’s why he created the separation as it might tend to scare some around him. The energy of someone who has a few similarities appears to be Branson. If K can give himself permission to fully be in that deep river that is the true him then he’ll be able to not be the effect of all the things that currently slow him down or stop him

This “reading” suggests that there is a hope, and that shedding skins is a lot like changing trains.

But it’s bullshit.

To reach that deep level, where the soul’s desire lives, one needs to activate capacities that are not needed on the surface level, on the survival level, on the level of the world as it is.

But thinking that who you are is that deep well of beautiful energy, even though it never shows in your action, in your life, is the bullshit that you want a guide to tell you. So you can feel good about yourself.

But what does this positive, hopeful, encouraging reading do?

It robs you of your desire to look at where you are, what is the name of the train, who you are and where you are going.

It robs you from your ability to say A is A… goddamn it… A is A. And once you settle into seeing it fully, being able to see it without any emotion, positive or negative, ask the question: so what do I do now?

I have been practicing a centering exercise for 30 years… called “find your feet.”

If you ever want A is A to become useful, you need to be able to find your feet… where A is whatever it is…

You see, as long as it is not OK with you that A is A… you are anchored to it… You can’t change anything… you have no power to act differently.

You are a puppet.

Only when you can see that A is supposed to be A, and it is. And it’s perfectly reasonable, perfectly OK that it is A.

When your breathing is deep, when you are coherent, when your eyes are able to focus again, then you can ask the question: “So what do i do now?” and be able to see what the next train is going to be.


I have been doing this for at least 21 years, consciously. I did it before that too… but not consciously.

It’s OK with me whatever you do… by the way.

Just know that A produces A results… never B results.

Because the world and life is fair.

Want to find out where you are at? The Starting Point Measurement is a ruthless, merciless series of numbers that will wake you up…


  1. Another way to say the title: You can’t tell your ass from a hole in the ground…
  1. Tai’s accurate vocabulary is 1000. This is why his truth value is only 10%. Why isn’t it more? Because he uses reading to dig for gold. He reads with an agenda. Therefore everything that he deems irrelevant he doesn’t read… thus his vocabulary is full of words that don’t mean what he thinks they mean.
  2. I have a webinar I give regularly. It is the perfect exercise for you train-travelers. You find out where the train is going, and you get to pick what train to switch to so you get closer to where you’d like to go.
  3. Email me if you want me to schedule one of those webinars again. It’s a workshop, so if you are not willing to expose yourself publicly, don’t email me.

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