• This is what “normal” police detectives do: they look for motive and opportunity, and they have their fitting piece, and they put that fitting piece to prison.
  • This is what “normal” medical doctors do: they look for symptoms, compare them with the “box cover” and then treat the disease the box cover says you have.
  • This is also what psychologists do… this is what economists do… this is what governments do…

My training of you, my coaching or you, my teaching of you, my energy products are designed to bring you up from your starting truth value to 7% and above.

The truth value is a comparative number. It compares what you know accurately with the truth that is available.

  • Dr. House, the diagnostic genius. His average truth value, in life, is 1%
    his knowledge all things medical, is 7%
    His results, his accuracy, in diagnostics is 50%.
  • Countless detectives, my latest favorite: Brenda Leigh Johnson from The Closer: truth value regarding all of life: 1%,
    Her results, her accuracy of finding the perpetrator: 30%. If she left her staff do the work, they would have the standard 7% accuracy.
  • Sherlock Holmes from British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: savvy, truth value in life: 1%. Accuracy in finding the perpetrator: 40%.

Now, the question on your mind should be: where does the discrepancy come from, the increased accuracy over the standard 7%?

the famous doctor, the famous detective, the famous inventors, famous painters, whose results don’t match the expected results get a piece of the puzzle, an insight from outside the area a “normal”, an average person searches for clues.

So how do you get access to the “left field” from where the unexpected solutions come from?

The lack of looking outside your tiny box.

I had a conversation with a student today that opened my eyes to a bunch of reasons why you don’t hear me, why you can’t even use what I teach: no exception.

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But the more you hear, the closer you get to be able to change some attitudes and some behavior that are preventing you from learning anything new. Learning to see new, learning to hear new, learning to do new.



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