After yesterday’s article I got an email from one of the readers asking if solving jigsaw puzzles will develop their eye muscles to enable them to see the bigger picture and to see the deeper picture.

It doesn’t.

So I started to ponder and spent my day pondering about the topic: seeing, creativity, innovation, cone of vision, and what is the difference between extraordinary people and ordinary people.

I have found that extraordinary people don’t necessarily have more brain cells… but they habitually use more spiritual capacities that allows them to play with a fuller deck.

If you look at yourself, you almost always look for things where you know they are, or where you think they are.

In your mind, or when they belong, or where you normally put them.

So you stick to a defined area to look for them.

You have the box cover as people who play jigsaw puzzle have, so you know what the finished product will look like. You know what you are looking for.

You can solve a jigsaw puzzle using a penlight to find the fitting pieces. And if you have the piece, you’ll find it.

This is one level of puzzle solving.

  • This is what “normal” police detectives do: they look for motive and opportunity, and they have their fitting piece, and they put that fitting piece to prison.
  • This is what “normal” medical doctors do: they look for symptoms, compare them with the “box cover” and then treat the disease the box cover says you have.
  • This is also what psychologists do… this is what economists do… this is what governments do…

Their combined truth value is 7%. Which means: they are 93% wrong.

This is normally what you do: you make decisions from the information available to you, to fit your solution to the “box cover”.

Now, not surprisingly, I am interested in you having a life that has a higher truth value than 1%.

What? you ask, and you are offended.

But truth be told, a normal person lives, makes decisions, works, eats, loves with a combined truth value of 1%.

A PhD’s truth value, in his chosen field, is 7%, while their truth value, across all areas of life, is 1%.

So I am not insulting you. In your chosen field, if you have one, you may have a higher truth value.

And when you are using your penlight size search light inside the area that you are searching, your average truth value remains the same.

Let’s take a few examples of people you can, you may know from television:

  • Dr. House, the diagnostic genius. His average truth value, in life, is 1%
    his knowledge all things medical, is 7%
    His results, his accuracy, in diagnostics is 50%.
  • Countless detectives, my latest favorite: Brenda Leigh Johnson from The Closer: truth value regarding all of life: 1%,
    Her results, her accuracy of finding the perpetrator: 30%. If she left her staff do the work, they would have the standard 7% accuracy.

I am getting these numbers from muscle testing while I am connected to Source. So the answers don’t come from my knowledge, because I only know what the shows show me… mighty little. But Source knows the cases I don’t see as well.

  • Sherlock Holmes from British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: savvy, truth value in life: 1%. Accuracy in finding the perpetrator: 40%.

The answer is: from left field.

Left field is an idiom. To originate from a surprising or strange place. (“Left field” is the metaphorical origin of something uncommon, unpopular, or otherwise strange.) That suggestion certainly came from left field! How did you come up with that one?

A question, statement, or event which comes from left field or comes out of left field is completely unexpected. The question came out of left field, but Mary Ann wasn’t really surprised. This letter sort of came out of left field. Compare with left-field. Note: In baseball, left field is part of the outfield. A ball is said to come out of left field when the pitcher throws it in such a way that it seems to come out of nowhere.

Said in another way:

Same with any of the famous billionaires, famous inventors, famous writers, famous composers. They get their inspiration from outside of the “normal” playground, what we can call the “box cover” of the jigsaw puzzle.

Yes, that is the million dollar question.

Observing the people/characters who have access to the left field, you will notice that they don’t jump into conclusions. They remain open. Their brain, their eyes, their ears remain open, unfocused. They cast their net without prejudice.

The clue can come from anyone, the clue can come from anywhere… they remain open.

This is, by the way, humility in action.

The more willing you are to be the bumbling idiot, the clueless klutz, the incompetent, the wider you can cast your net, the more willing you are to hear what will give you a clue.

They call this the “cocktail party effect”, where you can hear, in the noise of a party, the piece you need, over the noise, spoken in the other end of the room.

This is what we try to activate in the “color exercise” that no one takes seriously after they find three objects with the exact color.

Why? Because it is a capacity, a spiritual capacity that is activated in people who dare to look outside of the box, outside of the nine dots, outside of the box cover.

0.6 percent of humanity has it. It is the needed capacity to have a life that worth writing home about.

In every program of mine, the human error, the misunderstanding, the failure to come from your inability, your incuriousness of what you don’t know is causing your lack of success, not the program.

You don’t ask, and don’t hear, that my energies are co-creative, so you have to DO something that is not your usual doing.

In the Playground we look to separate what happened, reality, the facts, stuff that can be measured, and has a beginning, a middle and an end, and the words that the “event”, the “incident”, the reality comes with or we would not know it happened.

Without words you don’t know that something is happening, or like dogs, you would only know some things… like going to the vet, or dinner.

So there are always words, but they are not telling the truth, they are not part of what happened, they are placed on the top of them, like a wig on your head… they don’t belong, they are an addition.

I write about the method that when fully utilized, when it is made instinctual, reliably raises your level of happiness, effectiveness, finances, relationships, life satisfaction by 60% in another article.

It’s the Playground method.

I am going to ask permission to let you hear it, if you are interested in the 60% increase method… I’ll email the audio to you if you ask for it filling out the form below

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The same things that keep you poor, unhealthy, unhappy, unfulfilled will also make you not hear some of the call… some of what is being said. Also no exceptions.

Understanding is the booby prize… and you have a tendency to be satisfied with the booby prize… And of course it is your business, your life, who am I to tell you to not be satisfied.

But if you want a better life, you better not stop at understanding. Why? Because your understanding is worthless… and in addition, your understanding is more misunderstanding more of the time than you care to consider.

I measure that proportion in the Starting Point Measurements.

Measure #24. the percentage of input that gets through to you. This number is a combination of your awareness number and your coachability number. The higher that number is the more chance you have that you heard and understood accurately what was being said.

The average level of humanity is 1%. The average humility level of high achievers is 30%. The average level of my students, my paying students is 7%. Meaning that 93% goes way over your head… because you have no foundation to hear it.

But obviously students also started at 1%, and built enough foundation to raise their level to 7%.

I know I am the messenger, the bringer of bad news.

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