gluten sensitivity,gluten intolerance

What’s really behind ‘gluten sensitivity’?

But even if you investigate the individuals, the stuff they can see and therefore talk about, is 10% truth value at best.

The mind stores words. Words is the content of the mind. Even feelings are only triggered by words. We call them “marker feelings”… actually Margoczi had the courage to call them marker feelings, I learned the expression from him.

Dystopian novels, like 1984 and Brave New World are already happening. For example Brave New World suggests that cloning people is the issue: no, cloning minds is the issue.

My entire work is to return people to being able to use their senses, restore their humanness…

Part of the work I have to do to prepare these people to the work it takes to come out of Plato’s Cave, to come out of the mind, is to bring their health and their cell hydration up to a level where they can.

I have never had even one person whose recommended food list included any grains, wheat, corn, etc.

My story

When either of those fall, their productivity, intelligence, emotional intelligence fall too.

Our diet is so different from what our body considers food, that we, as a collective mass of bodies, are stupid and cannot be considered human any more.

I am fine with that. We are mapping out the path… It is becoming part of All-Knowledge, that never disappears. What I call Source.

What’s really behind ‘gluten sensitivity’?

Against the grain



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

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