This is one of the hidden dimensions… how do you know that you are slipping onto the horizontal plane… the plane of the valley of the shadow of death? hell…

It is being on the vertical plane is where you can say: A is A. Fully in reality, resisting none of it. Having no need to hide from it, changing it, wishing it away.

Reality is the way it is. You are a guest to it… and like a guest, you’ll find that it is not the way YOU would run the show… and that is OK. The show goes the way the show goes.

If you add anything, out loud or in your head or in your feelings… then A is not A, and you are not on the vertical. You are on the horizontal plane, where A is not A, where reality’s rules are resisted, and where you can only be unhappy, forcing your will, or resign to never have what you want.

For decades I had thinning hair.

When I looked in the mirror, there was a balding circle on my skull… The size of two of my palms.

It took some effort, but after about a decade of trying every potion to fix it, I managed to say: I have a balding spot on my head, the size of two palms. And it should be there.

Saying “it should be” is saying yes to what is. In other words, saying A should be A because A IS A.

YOU should be the way you are because you are that way. Your mother should be the way your mother is, because your mother is that way. The weather should be the way the weather is because the weather is that way. Trump should be the way he is, because he is that way… Hurts even to read it, doesn’t it?

It is very difficult to say yes to things you don’t like. Why? Because you feel like you allowing that thing to be means that you won’t take care of it… and it will remain that way.

“If I resist it then it’s not true”… bah humbug.

The truth is, that when you allow what-you-don’t-like to be, when you don’t look at it as something to hide, something to cover up, something to feel ashamed about, then you don’t have to fix it.

All fixing is misdirected. When you are fixing something, the solution is the next, bigger, problem.

So I was just looking at that balding spot… and was trying to get to the root of it.

Understand it, look to see how I am living my life that I have a bald spot.

It’s taken me 2–3 years since I embraced it, and now I don’t have a balding spot. It may come back if I go back to how I used to live… but most likely I won’t go back there…

Now, is it good that I don’t have a bald spot? No, it is just what is. A is A.

Even saying “it’s good… it’s gone”, or celebrating, or bragging about it, is moving to the dimension where A is not A.

The dominion of fixing… The dominion where what you want is king, and how it is is not. The horizontal plane.

I have managed to bring this A is A to 90% off my life, 90% of reality.

And life is smooth, and I have no suffering.

Now, if you were me living my life, you would be crying bloody murder?

  • Being an empath is hard.
  • Being attacked by Dark Side practitioners is hard.
  • Having rock hard calves is hard.
  • Living on a tight budget is hard.
  • Having no car is hard.
  • Having no one around I’d enjoy having lunch with is hard.
  • Eating the restricted diet I eat is hard.
  • Being an insomniac is hard.
  • and lots more

Having to connect to people… is hard.

I am not complaining. These and a ton more things are aspects of my life that I have been allowing. And that is the 90%.

What are the 10% I haven’t made peace with? I actually don’t know. It is in my blind spot… but when I get some glimpses, I’ll immediately do what I have to do to allow them/it? I don’t know how many things… No clue.

So how does this go?

I state, precisely and concisely how something is. And then I say… that is how it is… and I have a preference.

And I either do something about that preference or I don’t. No hurry.

There is nothing wrong, nothing to fix, no hurry.

Never any wrong, never anything to fix.

On the vertical plane you have different questions to ask, you have different attitudes… you’ll live longer, you’ll live lighter, and you’ll live better.

PS: this topic came up because I am reading fiction… and in the book I am reading, a woman kills a man in a car crash, and pushes it on his husband who was asleep, drunk, in the car during the crash.

I have a sore spot for betrayal… It’s taken an awful lot of work to make it A is A… and not something that is wrong. It was hard… But I did it.

This is one of the good use of reading fiction: to train you in A is A…

PPS: In the Starting Point Measurements, the measure of the degree that you live in hell is represented by the desire number. If it is high… you live in hell. The desire number is #14…

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