Too Much Introspection Can Kill You

The Introspection Trap

Self Reflection is judgmental…

The Path of The Self Aware Person


  1. 1. Tracking the voices and being able to tell them from yourself… The technology taught in the Amish Horse Training
  2. 2. Tracking the memes and again… telling them from your own views… your own Tree of Life truth. Memes could be said to the The Tree of Knowledge the Old Testament talks about. The Tree of labeling…
  3. 3. Telling apart what happened and the meanings, interpretations, you added or accepted, etc. This technology is taught in the Playground.
  4. 4. Recognizing the unproductive attitudes, stuck attitudes, that won’t allow you to have what you want, and create new ones and make them real in your life. I teach this, or at least wake you up to them in the Money Attitudes workshop. I plan to create a course, like a did for the Playground, many weekends long
  5. 5. Marker Feelings
  6. I am quoting from an article… original here. Obviously, if you know what I teach, what is written in this article is imprecise and ineffective. No distinction, no definition here… But you may be able to enjoy it, so read it
  • The Introspection Mode Trap
  1. 1. You let self-doubt take over
  2. Your mind is fragile. Too much thinking invites self-doubt to take over. When you lose touch with yourself, you stop appreciating what you are worth. What is essential is invisible to reason.
  3. Self-doubt erodes confidence. And you start feeling sorry for yourself. Self-pity is an exaggerated sense of sorrow when you become a victim of your inner-critic. The quest for finding who you are can turn you upside down.
  • 2. You rehash memories over and over
  1. Rumination is an ineffective coping behavior. When we cannot accept reality, we repeatedly chewing sad experiences or conversations, is like getting stuck in the sand.
  2. Rehashing memories is like watching the same movie over and over. You know the storyline by heart, pretending a different ending is useless. Spinning a story will get you stuck without providing any insights.
  • 3. You are obsessed with finding ‘the’ truth
  1. Most people do soul searching to find the perfect answer. However, there’s no absolute truth. We all have different challenges — there’s no such a thing as a perfect solution that addresses everyone’s questions.
  2. Trying to find ‘the’ truth can blind us. You stop observing; no answer will ever be good enough. It’s better to be kind to yourself than to be right. Be compassionate with yourself. What seems right today might not work for you tomorrow.
  3. Your questions will change, so will your answers.
  4. 4. Your thoughts can eat you alive
  5. Having thoughts is normal. But when you fall into the introspection mode trap, you let your thoughts take over. Too much thinking can get you distracted. Or, even worse, they can cloud your mind.
  6. Your thoughts are like wolves that live inside of you, as I wrote here. If you don’t tame them, they can eat you alive. You need to neutralize your thoughts to avoid turning introspection turn into a suffering game.
  7. 5. You have a perfectionist mindset
  8. Perfectionism is the enemy of change. When your standard is too high, nothing you think or do will be enough. Instead of helping you uncover insights, introspection feeds your judgmental mind.
  9. Self-reflection without compassion is torture — it’s your judgmental self on steroids. Constantly trying to over-perform triggers the fear of making mistakes and underperform. Reflect to improve, not to become perfect.
    Self-Awareness Is Not Just about You
  • People who score high in self-awareness (“Aware) know themselves well and also care to understand how others see them.
  1. Source: Harvard Business Review
  2. “Introspectors” lack external self-awareness. They are unaware of their blindspots — they don’t know what they don’t know. Looking for external feedback is critical to developing external self-awareness. The five questions exercise is a good tool for this… if you do it in a way where people are willing and able to tell you the truth without you getting upset…
  3. “Pleasers” are focused on external perception. They care so much about what others think of them that they are not authentic. They lost touch with themselves and don’t do much about it. Instead of seeking fulfillment, they wear the masks others expect from them. Smart, confident, kind, funny… all fake, all invented, all make you miserable.
  4. “Seekers” are lost souls. They lack clarity on who they are or what they stand for. They are also clueless about how others perceive them. Being a “seeker” can be a temporary or permanent stage. We all lose clarity of who we are from time to time. Some people simply decide not to do anything about it.
  5. This matrix is helpful to assess of where you are and what you need to work on.



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