That is the work that takes you to live on the vertical plane, that is the work that raises your vibration, that is the work that makes heaven on earth.

Assessment is not an opinion. It doesn’t have an emotional component. It doesn’t make the speaker look good, smart, knowledgeable for the sake of building themselves up and destroying another.

  • So if I say: I am better than you: that is a judgment.
  • If I say: my results are better than yours (results can be proven, they exist in reality): that is an assessment.

There is no stupid in reality. Neither is good, bad, right or wrong.


  1. The actual Japanese meaning is silent, quiet or gentle. My interpretation is that it speaks of the inner silence: the silence of the mind: the silence of the meaning making machine, the one that has an opinion and a judgment about everything, and doesn’t shut up. That what Rob Brezsny is really talking about it the way of being when you actually see what is real… and it is beautiful. Or at least it is what it is… nothing added, no words, no meaning, no commentary, no story. The way of the Buddha.



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta Maven


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