• Little boy wants to go left in the street, parents want to go home, which is straight… parents go straight, little boy is left on the corner.
  • Little girl goes too slow for mother’s taste, or maybe she is running late. But the mother decides to go ahead at her own pace, and leaves the little girl in the street.
  • The boy said: there is no truth. I have no power. I have to manipulate them better… I will choose beauty.
  • The girl said: I am heavy, I am worthless… I choose goodness. I don’t need to be carried. I’ll go it alone if I must.
  • Here is a third story, another little girl. She has an even younger sister who probably misbehaved. The father banishes the little one from the house, and hour later sends the older girl to fetch her.

So what is the fundamental distinction between the choices?

  • Goodness says: I can stand alone. I don’t need anyone to approve of me, I don’t need anyone to like me, I am enough alone.
  • Truth says: I need people to agree with me. Beauty says: I need people to like me to approve of me. And Power says: I need people to own, I need people to turn to my will.
  • Truth people are mostly campaigners, for justice, for the “truth”
  • Beauty people… surround themselves with a lot of people, and in my humble opinion, don’t get much done.

One of the questions, the 64000 dollar question is: can you change your decision?


  1. Here are a few more:
  • The little boy calls for his mother to wipe his a**. His father comes instead, and makes him stand up, all the “stuff” for the world to see. He decides that it’s important to keep people controlled… He chooses power over others.
  • A little girl, third girl in the family, envies all the attention her older sisters are getting… in her world, at her expense. They get the attention she should be getting. She decides that the way to live life is the hog everything of everyone… she chose power over others.
  • Yet another little girl defies her father’s instructions to not go out and play with kids outside. She goes, and gets caught. She decides the way to live life is to exercise power over everyone.
  • This little girl defies her mother’s instruction to not go into the ocean so she won’t be carried away by the current. She gets carried away by the current. The mother almost kills herself to save her little girl. The girls decides that this power thing works… and makes it her life.
  1. By the way, these power people are no longer students. Why? Because they wanted to overpower me. Fat chance.
  2. My job is to stay free and clear so I can coach you… But that is not what they wanted.



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta Maven

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