The distinction about repeating your past (or not) is this: What decides what you’ll do, who you’ll be is not the past, not what you know, not what you have, but the future you live into.

Now, however old you are, you always think that you can change your life. You are certain. You did the work, you have skills, you are in my programs, and you will do it this time… for sure.

The famous last words: I’ll remember.

You know which one is your favorite way to self-immolate, self-destruct, to self-harming.

It seems that whatever energy supports staying the same is a lot stronger than the energy that would support growing, evolution, become all you can become.

  • Being awake and aware
  • Being accurate in your assessment, even if it is not on the side of what you hoped
  • Taking an action that doesn’t quite fit in with what you see you SHOULD do.

Twenty years ago I said: There is no way I am going to be anything less than magnificent.

As amazing that word is… I am just noticing that it has become my stumbling block.

OK, I just caught it: I have said that exact same sentence a few times before. Meaning: we’ll end when the job got done.

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  1. I have read an interview with Jeff Bezos the other day, or was it a youtube video, can’t remember. He was asked a question about the future. He said something incredibly insightful, and something most people can’t even hear!
  2. He said that the question to ask is this: What will remain the same?
  3. Most people try something new, something shiny, something that is a new trend.
  4. But real winners learn what works and what will work now, ten years from now, a hundred years from now. And that is what makes them a winner…
  5. I am seeing now that I am re-reading my old articles, that I am putting my efforts into teaching the timeless, what will not change. What can transform you into a winner, if you adapt it.
  6. I have learned about the timeless from Kabbalah. I am also seeing that the predictable success of Jewish people is inseparable from this principle: learn to do what is not going to change.
  7. If you look through this distinction to the history of the Jews… you’ll see it everywhere.
  8. This is just another proof, that if you don’t have distinctions, then you can’t see. And you won’t ever be able to model after what you can’t see… And most choose to hate those darn Jews… they must have make a pact with the devil that they are so darn successful…
  9. Whereas if you knew the principle, you could live like that too… no kidding. YOU. Jew or not Jew.



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