Why? Why would you want to love yourself?

When you love yourself: you love your life. And that is the closest we know to be a happy person.

And you want to be happy, right? It feels like your birthright. Even though I can’t specifically point at anyone who is happy… it IS your birthright.

Birthright or not birthright, we all want to be happy… even though no one has been able to explain how to become happy… so it seems that it will remain a desire… never to be fulfilled. Hope and hopeless… or resigned is our dominant state.

The closest experience to happiness is contentment, with life, with yourself.

When you love yourself you love your life… but how can you?

Our entire culture is about you not being enough, you not smart enough, you not pretty enough, you not having enough… and truth be told, most people I coach hate themselves, are disgusted with themselves, disappointed with themselves… and that is as far from happiness as one can get.

I am just like you, just ahead of you, on the same path.

I am going to use the methodology I have seen work miracles for me… even though they are counter-intuitive, counter-cultural, maybe not all pretty, but they work.

What do I have to do?

You have a reason to hate yourself!

I know, that is a big and unexpected bomb I have just dropped on you. But unless you have this sentence as your starting point, you’ll go with the intuitive, cultural method I have seen others teach you.

I examined a number of books on Amazon that say they teach you to love yourself. The truth value of each of those books was 1%. Why? Are those bad books? I don’t know… but they are ineffective. My hunch is: when you haven’t found the cause of an illness, you cannot heal it… no matter how talented you are. Unless the cause is eliminated, the cancer will grow. And self hate is like cancer… as it grows it kills aliveness, it kills you.

Those methods don’t work. Why?

The bible teaches the strait and narrow method… Strait is just another word for narrow. It is anything but straight.

The whole culture, your inclinations, the world seem to work against narrow… They tell you the hundred ways you can make yourself happy… but I call that the shotgun method… you are pelting the whole area, the potential ways to feel good about yourself… while nothing changes.

So what is the strait and narrow method?

It is eliminating what is ineffective or harmful.

You will be doing lists. Lists of activities, list of attitudes that you can see won’t make you feel good about yourself.

You will have to repeat this process a few months down the line… when you will have seen more of your transgressions… and will have seen more behaviors and attitudes to eliminate.

It’s a process. I had help. And today I am happy.

My happy is not jumping around laughing and smiling.

It’s more like this: I enjoy my days, I enjoy my activities, I laugh easily, I dance easily, I love easily.

I call it happy. It is the closest to happy I know. No drama, no extreme feelings, it is humming, and it is really nice. Always.

What will be on your list to eliminate?

Behaviors and attitudes.

Behaviors that you don’t like about yourself, and attitudes that sour you.

I call this the integrity restoration phase.

Integrity is a concept that cannot be pinned down for you, because integrity, the way we mean it, is an inside job.

It is judged by you…

You, like everyone else, have two selves. You can call them however you want to… Bob and Suzy, self and Self, higher self and lower self, real self and delusional self, Self and soul, it won’t make a difference.

One self lives in the world, the other observes and until the two love each other, you won’t have an experience of loving yourself.

You can call the two selves the devil you and the angel you. won’t make a difference.

Your one self knows what the other is doing, what the other is thinking, what the other is planning… and either will like it or it won’t.

The list of behaviors and attitudes to eliminate is written by one self… and the other self will want to continue, will explain, justify, resist…

There is an inner power struggle, and no love.

Once you have a list with at least three items on it, your job will be to start with one item, and endeavor to eliminate it.

The list answers the following question:

If you wanted to have inner tension, if you wanted your better self hate your other self… what behaviors and attitudes would you maintain?

The big transgression you have will make the list first…

You want to break down these “beingness” words into their components by asking: what do I do that I call slothful? for example

Things that are obvious to you.

The job is to not do the things that are on your list.

You will need to create new habits. The old habits fight for survival, so if you are a wimp, it will be hard. Hell, it will be hard, no matter what you are now.

But it will get easier, because you’ll be practicing muscles that have atrophies, but can be brought back to life by practice.

Every time you win over the “evil inclination” you’ll be jubilant. But don’t celebrate early. It’s OK to feel good about yourself, but don’t think a victory in a battle will win the war.

This is war, my friend.

When I do people’s Starting Point Measurements, one of the questions asks the level of their integrity.

The highest I have ever measured was 10%.

So beware: the world is filled with people just like you: low integrity score.

And the world, the culture is like a chicken coop or a crab bucket: the majority will pull you back to misery.

So mum is the word. Especially to people who are close to you and supposedly love you.

Don’t share what you are doing, don’t ask for support. They will not help you, they will not support you.

Why? Because if you clean up your act, they will look bad. And they don’t want to look bad, and they don’t want to change. They want to give lip service… and that is what they want to give. Look good while be bad…

Just like you. Don’t judge them, keep your energy on things you can change: your own actions. Your own attitude.

Every area of your life… by the way.

Because how you do anything is how you do everything, you are slothful, entitled, wimpy, grouchy, resistant, haughty, arrogant, self-aggrandizing, judgmental, stupid, ignorant… etc. etc. in every area of your life.

Here is a behavior we all have: assuming…

I have a student who drives me nuts. Turns out he assumes things to be true, assumes things to know… I muscle tested today: He assumes 70% of things he acts upon. He doesn’t know. He assumes he knows. But doesn’t know that he is basing a life on assumptions and not facts.

In every area of his life. Health, wealth, love and happiness. Ugh…

He is not even an extreme case, by the way.

I can even find examples of that in my own life.

For example, when I read, I first assume that I know all the words… Then when I read a sentence, I assume what the vague sounding word means… so the sentence makes sense.

I have had to create a habit of looking up every word I am not 100% sure what it means.

I use my reading as a habit forming practice. I also use my sleeping as a habit forming practice.

I call these spiritual practices, because they deal with the invisible.

Most things that make your one self hate the other for are in the invisible. Maybe visible for you, not very visible for others.

What if you commit to this process? What can you expect?

If you fully commit to this process, you’ll see your life change.

You’ll find your ambition grow and your desire gets lower, so you can spend more time earning what you want, and less time fantasizing.

Will the “Universe” respond favorably to your change?

Because the Universe doesn’t give a hoot… no. But because everything comes to your through people, from people… it will feel like that.

There will still be tornados, it will rain, and it will be hot. But it will “happen” to a whole different person.

And that makes all the difference.

Now what?

I plan on doing some almost free workshops in the coming weeks. Teaching this same thing, and help you start your list. And I will give participants an opportunity to sign up to use me to support them, ongoingly, so they can succeed.

Many of the crucial behaviors that robbed me of my self-love were also invisible to me. And I was lucky: I had some credible people point them out to me.

((I have written about those: lying and gossiping were my invisible to me behaviors.))

My hunch is: you need support. Because left to your own devices you created the life you have… and will continue doing the same thing the same way… and when you read this article again in a year or two, you’ll realize that you could have gotten ahead but you didn’t. You remained the same: not loving yourself, not loving your life.

OK, here you go:

The first workshop will be on Saturday, June 23, at 4 pm. That is 10 pm in Europe, and 6 am on Sunday in Australia

Pay $1 through this link. If you haven’t gotten your Starting Point Measurements, then you’ll have a chance to get that on the payment page.


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