How to set yourself up for winning in the 20-day skill-learning challenge?

OK, confession time: I have never inspired a challenge, and I am not exceptionally good at doing anything like this, but…

But with the limited knowledge and experience I have, let me share with you some of the ideas of winning, and some of the reasons for failing I know will come up:

How do you know you are ready?

  • a. you have a clear “I am here” starting point… and a clear “I’ll be there in 20 days” ending point. This should be a written statement.

It is a good idea to know how you (or anyone) will know you have won… something visible, audible, experiencable, real result.

  • b. if you need “stuff” or information gathering, you already have everything handy… or instead of learning the new skill, you’ll be busy… and will learn nothing.
  • c. it is a very good idea to have a buddy who will work on their own skill… so you won’t feel all alone… you’ll have someone to talk to. It is hard to maintain enthusiasm for 20 days without a friend or a mentor.

What is the hardest part of this challenge?

  • 1. Deconstruct the skill — Break the skill down into its most basic parts. Which parts are necessary for hitting the goal you have? (i.e. if your goal is to sing a song in Korean, you can primarily focus on pronunciation, not learning a bunch of vocabulary)
  • 2. Learn enough to self correct — Learn enough to realize when you’re making mistakes.
  • 3. Remove barriers to practice — Turn off your phone, unplug the TV. Put your guitar, piano, language book in the middle of your room, not behind your stack of dirty laundry.
  • 4. Practice for at least 20 hours — Commit to 20 hours from the start. You’re going to be frustrated at times, so committing beforehand will help you push through the frustration.?

In my humble opinion, unless you find a course that did this part, the breaking it up to most basic parts for you, deconstructing the skill, breaking it down to basic parts is what is the hardest part, at least for me. The parts also need to be in the right order… using sticky notes to organize your thoughts in the right order is a good idea

I am choosing a skill, for myself, where I can follow a blueprint… my ambition is to learn how to create a course fast and sell it. I am good at creating live courses with my bumbling idiot method, but I would like to create at least one that doesn’t need any time investment from me… create it once, and make money forever.

My ambition is to get the course ready, ready to sell by the end of the 20 days, working on it only 45 minutes a day.

Whether I succeed with it or not, will be OK with me: because if nothing else, I will have learned the process, and then I can do it again and again and again… getting better and better at it.

The webinar is only available for people who are registered in the forum at

  • If you are already a member: click on “login”
  • If you want to register, also click on login… and select option to register
  • You are taken to topics… to participate, click on the topic… and click until you see posts.
  • You can create new topic if you want, or simply reply to the topic where you are…

that is the way to use this forum…

It is not very intuitive, but it is what it is… deal with it.

I am contemplating of providing a free webinar a week… for support… I haven’t decided yet.

Any ideas?

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Publish at Raise your vibration true empath, coach, publisher, mad scientist, living a life that is worth living

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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta Maven

Publish at Raise your vibration true empath, coach, publisher, mad scientist, living a life that is worth living

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