• Especially because many modalities ask you to stop thinking, for example. Can you do that?
  • Or they ask you to think positive… don’t even sin in your thoughts, feel different, be happy, be appreciative, and things like that.

Do you have the power to take care of those?

As a rule, you can take care of what belongs to you. What you can own.

  • Your attitude belongs to you through the words you speak.
  • Your emotions belong to you through the words you speak.
  • Your happiness belongs to you through your attitudes through the words you speak…

The one thing that Esther Hicks teaches that I find useful is this process.

99% of fear is marker feeling, 1% warns you of a real danger. Anxiety is, in essence, fear.

Just remember to practice it diligently. This is the most important work you can EVER do. It renders you from being an effect, a hapless victim of your internal voices, to someone who is a cause, a creator, godlike.


  1. One irate customer was complaining yesterday about my site being difficult to navigate.
  2. I started to wonder if my site takes care of me… hm. Great question, isn’t it?
  3. Then I muscle tested it because I wasn’t sure… If it takes care of me, then it is a priority to spend my creativity on redesigning the site… and that didn’t feel good to me.
  4. Muscle test says: no, it doesn’t take care of me. Just like your house doesn’t take care of you. Your job doesn’t take care of you. Even your husband doesn’t take care of you. So what you consider “take care of you” in the context of the Universe is not what takes care of you.
  • Your brain does belong to you!
  • Your attitude does belong to you!
  • Your health does!
  1. So as you see, this is not an ordinary distinction.
  2. Chapter 22 in the book Ask and it is given



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