How you do anything is how you do everything

I have a client who is an accountant. This morning, not the first time, she sent me the wrong file… wrong date.

I would prefer an accountant who can be counted on to look before they leap, so I won’t get into trouble with the authorities only because of their la-di-da attitude →Click to read footnote 1

How you do anything is how you do everything. I can spend five minutes with you and can tell your chances for success, for love, for money… even without measuring your vibration. Just by observing you…

You can also watch your behavior. Observe it when you can, observe it when I ask you to.

Now, go back to the article, Not all complaints are created equal… or just think about the word “complaint.”

Watch if your knee jerk reaction is to turn away from it.

MY knee jerk reaction is to tell you to go away. But I’ve noticed it, and I know that asking you to leave will want you to stay… so I’ll just shut up, and let you fall off by yourself.

You know the joke:

Are you still here? OK, you are special… so maybe I can work with you. Maybe there is still hope for you.


Now, go back to that article about complaint, and read it. Then come back.

You didn’t go, did you… right? You thought it was a trick.

But it wasn’t, I really wanted you to go there, and understand the rest of this article.

Knee jerk reactions will not keep you alive, will not keep you well, will not allow you to thrive in the coming times. You need to wake up and look before you leap.

Autopilot will be good for air planes, but not for people.

In the coming times people who use their brains to understand, to generate ideas will be the winners.

Here is a great exercise from James Altucher:

This is as good an exercise as any to start the process of using your brain.

Now, warning: if you only want to have ideas so that you can benefit, you are being stingy. If you only want to have ideas so that others can benefit: you are too generous and selfless.

Generate ideas to expand your brain, and re-train yourself to stop being a knee-jerk reaction herd animal on the verge of extinction.


Now, observe yourself again: what was your knee-jerk reaction? That you can’t? Or it’s too much time? Or was it: “I am already doing that!” (add the indignant voice)…

And thank the mind for the reaction and buckle down. It is the best thing you can do for yourself.

OK, now let me leave you at least laughing: here is another joke:


  1. By the way, I make mistakes like that… but I am not an accountant. Some occupations are more sensitive to operator error than others… imagine your surgeon making this type of mistake… or the bus driver…
  2. Here is the famous “but”… because I know that I am sloppy, I now look twice, whenever I remember… which is about 90% of the time.

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