You can’t see ahead on the path, you can only see the next step to take

you can't see ahead on the path
  1. In 1966 I took an online course on programming. I got stuck in the first homework… something was wrong in what I did, and I could not figure out what it was. I posted my issue on the students forum, but no one gave me a straight answer: my question was so elementary, my misunderstanding was so basic, no one thought of addressing that. I redid the class three times, and the third time I finally figured it out.
  2. Marketers use a service that automatically sends an email to a person who buys something. It is called an autoresponder. I first had an issue setting one up for my business in 2003. I had the same issue: some basic misunderstanding. I went to seminars, I spent close to 50 grands before I found the mistake I made. No teacher would sit down with me for 2 minutes and look, with me, what was the basic issue I was stopped by.
  1. I don’t think you are stuck because you are stupid… it is because there is something you can’t see, or don’t know.
  2. I love digging and finding that one thing (it is mostly one thing that keeps the whole life stuck) that if it could get cleared, your life would start moving.
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