If you read yesterday’s article on coherence, my 21 hour (so far) experiment of playing the Coherence Generator… (new name old audio) I can promise you that it is nothing short of miraculous.

Creativity, innovation, growth, learning, takes a lot of coherent energy. When your energies are incoherent, you are troubled, are in a hurry, or are afraid, creativity is impossible.

Just imagine yourself a juggler… because that is what creativity is: being able to keep and move around multiple objects in the air at the same time, so you can see new connections. Really… Most people can’t keep one thought in the air for longer than seconds… unless they fixate on it… fixating means: all other flying objects fall… So most people have no experience in creativity, because they are mostly incoherent. And just like with water turning from incoherent to coherent only at a certain vibrational level (frequency?) you also need to raise your vibration to a certain level to become creative. Temporarily, at least. I see that I have to have the same conversation as Tai is forced to have all the time… In his case it’s learning from billionaires’ story, in my case it’s creativity.

Why am I asking you to raise your level of vibration to creativity, if all you want is more money, a slimmer body, or a better relationship with people?

You see, ice turns into water at the melting point. Water turns into steam at the boiling point. But water evaporates at a slow rate all the time, regardless of the temperature. But there is a quantitative and qualitative difference… Evaporating water cannot power a steam engine, can it. Creativity is like the steam… huge energy that can be harnessed and made to work on your behalf.

Your life is like that water or ice… the energy evaporates and is never harnessed.

Creativity is a mental process that requires a lot of energy for long enough time to get something worthwhile to happen. When I look, this is in essence what your law of attraction people talk about, this is what your ‘create with your thoughts’ people talk about. The mind movies try to harness… The creative energy that you only have as potential… potentiality not actuality.

The creative energy that you (and I) leak… because we are not coherent enough.

I am looking at myself. I manage to get to that level of coherence only seven percent of the time. I have never even thought about it… And what you have never thought about is impossible to create… This has been one of my “I didn’t know that I didn’t know”.

Creativity harnessed, I think, is what separates people who live in darkness and in wanting and in unfulfilled desires, and people who create at will.

For me the biggest missing is self-control… attention-control… holding the rein firmly. I mostly notice it missing when I do the Days of Power energy downloads… It takes me a lot of pulling-myself-together to stay present, to stay on purpose, to keep it together. It’s the scariest thing I do. Those are the times when I have to be at the highest of my coherence, the highest of my vibration, and it is hard. Many moving pieces, and my own “independent” nature… I am a “Forget Thyself”… overly independent. OK, let me return to the last 22 hours: Intolerable heat (the weather), barely tolerable pain, and being yelled at by a staff member at the Community Center…

Enough for any person with flesh and blood to become incoherent…

I cried a little bit, I felt pity for myself and contemplated vengeance… lol, but I pulled through, and had the most creative conscious dreaming night I have ever had. ((The Coherence Generator was playing loud in the background.)) A was in a dreamlike state where I was not distracted, and I could think through why most people don’t even know how to have a better life, how to start creating it. Where I distinguished the core inability or lack of skills of most of humanity… I had the insight by connecting how you live with how you eat. This is what I was talking about when I said that connecting distant and seemingly independent elements is the key to creativity… the activity of your god-self.

Seeing the connection, and seeing it long enough so all the particles become coherent around the thought… like hundreds of spinning plates. Like hundreds of balls flying in harmony. A lot like a Cirque du Soleil show. Of course the moment I woke up all the balls fell, but I was able to hold onto the unlikely and distant connection, and I know and trust that I can put it on paper and put it in practice over time. So that we all benefit.

In brief: how you eat…

As I have said before, according to the Human Design Institute, there are 12 ways you can eat right, and your way is hard coded in your DNA. ((Get your eating style…

It’s quite experimental, though the early results show that I can be quite accurate.)) One of the ways is to eat when appetite says to eat. So I am experimenting with that too. The common, politically correct way to eat is to eat when you are hungry. But hunger is not appetite, and I have been largely eating when I was hungry, and the results from that kind of eating are disappointing: I have acid reflux, and a generalized “I don’t feel well” experience. Another way to eat is to eat for taste. If you eat for taste, and that is not your DNA eating preference, you’ll eat stuff that doesn’t serve you… this is the second way I don’t eat right for my type. I drink too much coffee… all for the taste. So I have been working on recognizing appetite. I have to tell you: it is not easy. Why?

Because 90% of what we (humans) call appetite is a voice in our head to eat something that is not good for us.

Don’t even attempt this before you get good at hearing your voices with The Amish horse training practice I recommended in my last few articles. I just wrote a glossary item about it… please read.

The Coherence Generator audio works best in conjunction, combined with the Amish horse training method practiced diligently and correctly.

What is an incorrect method? If you do more than just listening. That is an incorrect method. If you label, react, judge, love, hate, avoid, suppress… you are not doing the method, you are doing what you have always done. Your biggest hurdle is to control your “fix-it” nature… to act as if there were something wrong with having those voices. As if it were your job to fix the voices, change them, or exchange them to better thoughts.

As a father figure I can tell you this: learning to handle the inevitable hurdles and hardship is what creates adults who can succeed… not the “mother’s way” of protecting, shielding, or fixing what is inevitable.

If you are a fix-it machine, you live in the mother-child field, and the field prevents you from growing and becoming an adult. Certain capacities, actually most of them, are only available for adults… adults not by calendar age, but by developmental age. For example the capacity to love and care. The capacity of contribution, creativity, innovation, partnership, really most of the 160 are only available when you are in the adult state. Obviously just like becoming coherent, becoming adult has stages… steps towards becoming coherent, becoming an adult. In the book Metaskills the author talks about adult skills. All five metaskills are adult skills. Not available to you fully until you break the invisible barrier and move to the father-child field where all things are the way they are… instead of being wrong.

In the coming robotic age, without those metaskills, without adult capacities, without coherence, you’ll be relegated to a robotic existence, and many of you already are. Don’t lie about it.

You don’t need to be stuck there. You can start your ascension now. What do I suggest you do at this stage to get to coherence where you can call the shot in your life?

It takes a while doing all three, but your diligence will pay dividends. You’ll become a lot more coherent, and then you can learn how to harness all that coherence to create the life you want. I’ll be here for you then. Until then, if you would, please quit using all vision boarding and all Natalie Ledwell’s mind movies: they will reliably make you incoherent… so they work counter-purposes as these practices I recommend. Read the rest at http://www.yourvibration.com/35787/what-can-you-do-what-must-you-do-to-benefit-from-the-teachings-of-the-law-of-attraction-of-the-power-of-your-mind-and-natalie-ledwells-mind-movies/



Publish at Raise your vibration www.yourvibration.com true empath, coach, publisher, mad scientist, living a life that is worth living

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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Publish at Raise your vibration www.yourvibration.com true empath, coach, publisher, mad scientist, living a life that is worth living