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I have been talking, talking, and I don’t think I am being gotten.

I make people raise their hands on calls when they got what I said, and I can feel that they are lying, some of them, when they raise their hands.

Why? Because getting something is not the same as memorizing it.

So here is am, 720 articles and 50 weeks worth of webinars later. And as usual, I am playing freecell. Suddenly images from a movie I saw a few months ago start coming up in my mind. Bubbling up.

almost famous movie

The movie is “Almost famous” and all the scenes star the actress of Fargo fame: Frances McDormand.

She is one of my favorite actresses. Why? Because her capacity to not give a hoot at how ridiculous she looks or sounds is so endearing, so empowering to me, I get courage and power for myself to look ridiculous and not care.

In this movie she goes beyond. And this is what this article is about.

I am not going to tell you the movie: I want you to watch it. But I’ll tell one piece: through her character, exasperating as it is, I have a clearer picture, suddenly, or where the people that are not getting it are.

Some of those people are my students. One of them has been with me since 2007, another one since mid-last year.

It drives me crazy that they are not getting it. My ego is bristled, after all I have been working so hard! (Can you hear the waaa-waaa-waaah behind that statement? If you really listen, you may be able to hear the “No matter how hard I try, I can’t…. baaay baaay baaah! lol)

If you are on the path, if you have experienced harmony, awareness, meditation (really), energy healing, the Heaven on Earth, The Energizer, etc. etc. etc. and people in your environment are not getting it, please do yourself a favor and watch that movie.

Frances McDormand in Almost famous

It’s on Netflix (DVD only). Why? through the role of the clueless taken to the extreme, Frances McDormand gives us comic relief, when someone is looking at our life, our purpose, our experiences, and doesn’t get it.

Oh, the title of this post. The person that doesn’t get it is in a different paradigm. Everything is visible to them, just differently than to you. They are looking at it from a different paradigm.

Please have compassion: paradigm jumping is a great idea, but doesn’t happen as easily as jumping. For example the paradigm of awareness isn’t the same looking from the mind as looking from consciousness…

From the mind: it’s a concept. From consciousness it is peace, grace, joy: heaven on earth.

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