Is your life, the way you make your money, your living arrangement a good match for you?

I wrote this article seven months ago… and some of the emails I get tell me that people what to stay the same, do different without changing, changing themselves, or changing anything about themselves.

It is not going to work.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but someone has to tell you… reading a book, even taking a course won’t change you… and therefore won’t change anything…

At the end of this article I’ll share one thing that happened in the last day or two, that changed a long time student of mine, at least temporarily… read on…

As I am working on BecomeAnIdeaMachine, this is my second day of this spiritual practice, I notice that I am already looking wider than yesterday.

I am not feeling well, the psychic attack is strong, so I am a tad more intolerant than my usual self.

Intolerance normally manifest in me in distaste…

I thought I’ll check out Bosch, the televised version of my favorite detective… I closed it after two minutes.

But I had an insight that can be really significant for all of us, so let me put it into words here.

Ever since they put out the pilot of the Bosch series, I have seen how important the role of the person who casts the actors in the success of a film or a series.

Titus Welliver is miscast. He may be a good actor, but he is not suitable to the role of spiritual, brooding, internally driven detective of Michael Connelly’s books, one of my heroes. The yelling, tense Welliver is a different person… and therefore the show is different… I can’t tolerate watching it.

I just finished watching Wallinger, the BBC series. And although I can’t stand the sight of Kenneth Branagh, he is a near perfect match for that brooding detective.

I watched a little bit of Howard’s End, the 1992 movie with Emma Thompson, my favorite actress.

I observed that she is, as far as I can tell, is casted in characters that are sunshiny in spite of circumstances. Has that frown and smile combination… Imagine her cast in a job that needs her to be violent… no match.

I also notice that Oscar winning actresses share this sunshine in their character… more often than not.

You have roles in life, and you are either well casted or you suffer.

I was a poor fit for architect: I like thinking, I like talking. Neither of these is needed or valued in an architect. In my brief stint as an employee of the City of Jerusalem, talking was my job… until the end, when they discovered that I can design. I hated that part… and promptly escaped it.

I moved in with guys (two in my lifetime) and I was ill-fitted to be a live-in girl friend… I hated it, and was very unhappy.

Your job and your living arrangements influence the quality of your life the most.

Unless you know what life-style fits you most, your life can, at best, be mediocre, but more likely it will be fighting unhappiness.

I am happiest living alone, see no one, talk to a few people I choose to talk to, and go to one, maybe two fun classes where I am visible, seen, liked, and am allowed to express my clown outrageous self.

If I can’t have this, I am unhappy… I have “my spine shrivel on me” for not enough strokes.

It is my responsibility to know myself, know my needs, and arrange my life so I can have what I need.

I still experiment every week… a little more on this, a little too much of that. Experimentation should never stop… life can change on you, and then you want to have options you have already discovered.

Some of my students suffer in environments that don’t allow them to be true to themselves.

Some of those environments could work, but the person needs to make minor changes.

For example the student who is getting really good, who is showing talent in the idea list arena: it is possible that the barrier for full self-expression was inner, not outer. Memes are inner… rules you adapted as yours.

Others are tightly controlled by a poorly matched spouse. Or are unwilling (afraid) to create the work they would be uniquely suited for.

I also have some people who want what I have to offer, but our styles don’t mesh.

There is only so much room for requests and promises in any relationship. You can ask me stuff, but if it is completely out of character for me, I may hate working with you.

If you want me to manage our relationship: I don’t want to. I need you to be self-starter. I am not good at self-starting: when I have a coach, it is the hardest element for me… to be the idea-starter.

Maybe this is why I am so excited about this new spiritual practice where I have to come up with ten ideas a day.

I find that it’s easiest for me if the ideas have nothing to do with me. Then at least one element is familiar: I am in service of another, or a purpose outside of myself.

So I am working up a list of 10 marketing ideas for one of my students. I can see wider, be more creative, than with my own marketing… Then I can just borrow some of the ideas…

Win-win-win. That’s how I like it.

OK, one more thing:

I know only a few people who make their money that way.

So in Monday’s “How you block your money” workshop we’ll look at that… I have never looked that way, so this is going to be new to me… Exciting!

OK, here is the example I promised.

I had a student of mine drop his vibration to 100 a few months ago… and it was standing there… He got diligent, I put a 10 over his head, he drank his energized water, he started to sleep regularly, and yet, his vibration was stuck at 100. It’s very low.

A day or two ago I wrote, I think in an article, that what keeps your vibration so low is your “about you” score… where your view of life, the view of the world is occupied largely with yourself.

He read the article, and did one experiment… he acknowledged the source of his results… as much as you can acknowledge anyone other than yourself at 100 vibration.

The next thing that happened: his vibration jumped to 130… that is a big jump.

Your starting point measurements are an invaluable tool to know where you are low vibration… why, how… and what can you do, how you can change, so you can have more life, a life you love and live powerfully.

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