Keto, your pancreas, your thyroid… you have no energy, no focus…

Sophie Benshitta Maven
4 min readApr 29, 2020

I did an unintended experiment on Monday and Tuesday.

I ate the equivalent of two three cookies in carbs and I crashed for two days… My intelligence, my balance, my mood, my muscle strength all gone, I walked around in my apartment like a 90 year old, holding onto furniture, walls, door jambs.

Wobbly, heavy, dumb. I went through hypoglycemia with headache and shaking hands…

Now, why am I sharing this?

Because my pancreas was in good shape, I have come out of it, after two days, fatter and OK. Packed on three pounds, but I am almost OK. My pancreas measures 10%…

But what happens if your pancreas can’t deal with all that carbs?

Nearly all foods have carbs in them, even meat. The better the meat the sweeter it tastes. All vegetables, even saw dust… not that I suspect that you knowingly eat saw dust.

But you do eat stuff that is not suitable for human consumption. It smells good, it tastes good, it feels good in the mouth, but once it is past the mouth, it releases its payload: toxins.

And they are addictive.

The other day I watched some home-videos on catching mice… They had a clear preference to milk products and wheat products. Not the kind of food that is normal for mice… no, human food.

This past Sunday I had an energy healing session, specifically for organs of the body that are destroyed by milk and bread… and of course cookies.

The pancreas and the thyroid.

The video is being processed: I’ll cut out the healing part so you don’t have to listen to the talk every time you want to use the healing energy.

In the end I didn’t make a version that doesn’t use the Big Bundle to help you connect to Source… so I only have the Big Bundle version.

If you know that your pancreas or your thyroid is shot, then I recommend that you buy this healing session. It is…

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