Before I say another word: if you don’t read, you don’t belong here. If you haven’t read Margoczi’s two books (both are on Amazon) then read them ASAP. If you have read them: read them again. They have 30% truth value, which is about the highest you can get anywhere…

TLB is your Twitchy Little Bastard score. Mental toughness, AND high TLB is the difference between a reactive, undisciplined, five year old who cannot see past the next five minutes, and a person (whatever age) who can actually see and act conscious of the consequences of their action or inaction.

Tai Lopez calls these according to names of the Greek philosophies that reigned around the time of Seneca the Elder: the Stoics, and the Epicurians.

If you gobble up a cheese burger, you are an Epicurian who can’t see where eating that toxic stuff will lead you… fat, poor, sick, and wanting more.

If money burns a hole in your pocket… you are probably living the Epicurian lifestyle. If you can’t stand not having your phone with you, ditto.

If you dream of instant success, instant weight loss, instant love… you are an Epicurian… and a TLB 1.

Stoics savor with the lasting, the constant, the unchanging, the eternal. Epicurians gobble up the moment to moment, the exciting, the titillating, the “it gives you chills” type of stuff.

I have a post on Pinterest, 31 quotes that give you chills… It gets all these titillation seekers on my site… I wish I could have them not come…

This Hungarian burlesque song pops up in my head about the lady, Fanny Schneider, who doesn’t want love, doesn’t want anything of substance, instead wants a gigolo to titillate her… Untranslatable.

Life, Organized Life (rhyming with Organized Crime!) hijacks your attention, hijacks your energies and make you an Epicurian. An Epicurian will never do well. Will never even have a fulfilling moment. Who has time for that?!!! It’s gobble-gobble-gobble. Going nowhere really fast.

The Stoic philosophy is the one my teaching is aligned with, because Life, the Nature of Reality and Stoicism are of the same vein.

Now, Mental Toughness.

I have been watching this guy, Steve Siebold, get rich coaching mental toughness, and now training wannabe weight loss consultants to teach mental toughness.

You can’t really teach mental toughness: you can only get there through re-valuating all your life, your priorities, your life philosophy.

Mental toughness is a construct. In fact there is no such a thing. There is only process.

Life, when you look at it with knowing, sober eyes, is a series of moments. Duh…

And each of these moments is an opportunity to choose whether you are going to look at all of life, or only the next moment. Whether you are going to look at the big picture, or the tiny picture. Whether you are going to consider other people, your partner, your family, your client, your coach, your business, your country, humanity, or only what you want to feel the next moment.

That is how Life is… moment to moment to moment.

Now, imagination, whether it is done with words or with pictures, is different. It jumps. It jumps into whatever it jumps to: no process.

The saying: it is too late to dig a well when you are thirsty… is of no relevance to the jumper… they never intended to dig a well… instead they imagined a bottle of beer, chilled to perfection. Who needs water!

When you use your imagining tools to jump, you cut the blood supply to process, to doing, to actually accomplishing anything. You can enjoy the thing, in your imagination, of course, to your heart’s desire.

Except you have to live in your imagination, because in reality you don’t only not have the thing, you cannot have the thing. Because now the process feels like a betrayal, like trudging through life, like a chain gang life sentence.

I am working with some clients on removing the Desire Trap… but it is like yeast infection: you can’t get rid of it. The least amount of imagining you add (carbs in the case of yeast infection) and the disease flares up.See footnote 1

Any time you are looking to see what end result you want, you just set yourself up for the desire trap to start germinating in you.

This is why I am against the mind movies, the vision boards, or goal setting.

They all use this disease, Desire Trap, to make money for their originators.

When someone buys a $500-$1000 dollar course, mostly what they buy is to see what they aren’t going to do to attain their desired outcome. There is something sickly satisfying to know that you didn’t have to do it… But you know, as the Jewish saying goes, the morning comes and you wake up with your hand in the potty…

With a handful of that…


  • You need to know how things work if you want yourself to work and to become a human being, and live a life worth living.

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