With regards to your health, what you eat is important. We all know that.

I just bought and watched two videos on “how to eat according to your type” or the style of eating that seems to be crucial for a sense of well-being, especially for brain health. I have known my own “style” of eating for a while, and it has made a big difference. Most people in the world eat stews, or meats with side dishes, or salads with a lot of ingredients, but a good 20% of the world, with the most ancient style DNA needs to eat like people ate when they didn’t have dishes: one thing at a time.

…no mixing with other nationalities, or other groups. So I do best, my stomach, my digestion, my emotional well-being, when I just eat one-ingredient dishes. When I eat meat, I just eat meat. When I eat, let’s say, cabbage, I just eat cabbage. I am finding out that even just adding onions to the cabbage or to the meat makes me not that well… I can now feel it. Who would have thought it! One thing per meal.

I would move the meat off the sandwich, I would remove the fruits from the cake, I would eat the sour cream meant to be used in a vegetable dish… I got punished. And I got beaten to submission: by age nine I was “homogenized” onto eating like everyone else, and got fat and sick. Unfortunately society, family frowns at you being an individual and having individual needs. The second most ancient eating style, from digestion’s point of view is the style called “consecutive”… I have a client like that: she got well when she started to eat one thing at a time, but she can eat 10 minutes later something else.

No soups, no stews, no side dishes. In that regard she is like me. But she can eat her next one-thing ten minutes later, I have to wait at least one hour. Once you get used to it, you’ll love it. The styles are these:

eating for quantity style of eating
  1. Hot — Thirst — eat all food and beverages at body temperature…
  2. Cold — Thirst — eat and drink cold food
  3. Low — sound — only eat in low sound environment…
  4. High — sound — only eat when the environment is noisy, TV, family, restaurant, or music on the ears.
  5. Nervous — Touch — eat only when the environment, inner and outer, are busy… like family bustle
  6. Calm — Touch — eat only when the environment, inner and outer, are calm
  7. Alternating — Appetite — my diet
  8. Consecutive — Appetite — my client’s diet above
  9. Direct — light — should eat only during the day
  10. Indirect — light — should eat at night
  11. Open — Taste… eat a varied diet
  12. Closed — Taste… eat a monotonous diet
  13. Should you eat meat?
  14. Should you eat filling stuff?
  15. Should you eat sugar? and how…

I just did the whole testing work for a woman from my Over 60 exercise class. She is 80, lives alone, and her only complaint is wicked seasonal allergy. I give away at least one product or service every month, so I quickly muscle tested her before the class started, and the muscle test says that she eats the wrong foods, and she eats the wrong way. I offered my services and she accepted. When you have an 80 year old woman, you don’t know what to expect.

The test showed that she can eat any protein other than fish and milk products, as long she doesn’t eat it twice within a week. She has been eating exclusively fish.

The test showed that she can eat any grain as long as she doesn’t repeat it within a week. Same with all the vegetables. And she can’t eat any fruits, not even lemons… She was so happy. She immediately found examples in her family for people who got better once they stopped eating fish. This was probably the most rewarding health session I have ever had. A full health evaluation session is normally $250, and you need to commit to a follow-up session as well. But because the part regarding the eating styles is in experimental stage… at least in my practice, has been around and proven effective for the clients of “The Human Design Primary Health System” consultants. I paid $97 for my report 10 or so years ago.

If you want me to test you for the style, THERE ARE 12, plus the three what questions… for the styles that are best for your body, you can ask me to measure you, on one condition: You need to make a binding promise to test it. If you promise: I’ll do it for 1 cent. If you are just curious, I’ll make you pay $10. Let me know. Even that is a steal… if you ask me. Oh, whether you promise or not, I need to be able to connect to you. The process is the same as with the Starting Point Measurements: I need a picture and I need your date of birth. The full date. No hour is necessary. I promise to test your findings for you. please measure me for my eating style or styles

I am curious… please measure me for my eating style or styles.

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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta Maven

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