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One of the tricks of gurus and teachers is to be vague. It is that they seem to be vague… per se, by itself… No. They seem to be really clear… while in execution they allow everyone to make up their own interpretation, and thus fail. Just look at meditation: I am an empath and I watch/feel what people are doing when they are supposedly meditating… Not. Two kinds of results from followers:

  • some lie and say: they followed the instructions, and hit solid gold. They either followed the instructions or didn’t… If they did hit solid gold, my hunch says they would have hit solid gold without the instructions…
  • The rest: they think they followed their interpretation of the instructions but are afraid to say: it didn’t work… Just like the crowd won’t trust their own eyes to say: the emperor has no clothes.

This is exactly what happens with followers of the modality to live by your design: The Human Design System.

I don’t argue the essence of the “program”… because in order to do that I would need to know what the heck I am talking about… and I don’t. I only know how to test what I do know, how to interpret it… and test each interpretation that I am capable of seeing… and tell you what i found. Source says, through muscletesting, that the 4 Types, Generator, Manifestor, Projector, Reflector has a 50% truth value. The error is not in the types, the error, the untruth is mainly in how you get to the determination to the type… and how you be that type successfully. The Human Design System gets to typing through some voodoo using your exact time and date of your birth… like a horoscope. Which means to me that I should start asking Source with each person I coach/guide/teach if their type is accurate.

OK, I just did that, and I found two Generators who are not true generators. Hm… Both should be a Manifestor. It could be an error in the hour of the birth… maybe… Now, back to the intentional fuzziness that leaves people at fault, just like religion or the law of attraction… lol… not funny: I am a Generator. A true generator. I have been testing this sucker for a month consciously, a few years unconsciously… thus the many failures i have experienced.

Every time I did something that was MY GOOD IDEA, it failed. Or backfired, which is even worse. Cost me. Hurt me. Pushed me into depression and to wanting to die. Lol… I know, it’s not funny… and yet it is kinda funny, if you look at it in hindsight. The strategy for decision making, the winning strategy of a Generator is to respond. Respond to what? I have been saying, accurately, that the way to do it is to be invited. Invited? Invited to do something? Invited to visit? Invited to look? And when I am invited (like a request, a suggestion, an order, a sales pitch, an idea that comes from some other person, however it comes) then am I really just to jump in with two feet? Can i say no? Can I say: I am not sure? Can I say: later? So this morning I looked at my behavior, through the Observer’s vantage point, while I was also aware of the thought process… so I was “bilocating”… which is a DNA capacity most people don’t have activated. I saw that, for me responding successfully, means: go near it, sniff it, touch it, do a little bit… look if it is still inviting me… do some more… look if it is still inviting me… and so on. With food. With things to do. With everything. Do a lot of hm-ing… The “normal”, the automatic behavior would be falling into an action, head over heel, never looking until the inevitable failure, or sticky point, or dead end. Which makes the instruction of responding too simple… by not saying: respond, step by tiny step. Let me show it through two Generator students of mine: 1. He doesn’t want to be a Generator. He wants to pursue his own ideas. He has a long string of failures. Bloody failures. He has earned no self-confidence, but regardless, once he decides it is time to jump, he jumps. Head first. Mostly into a swimming pool with no water… He never looked, he never looks. He never asks for support. He never looks if he has the skills to do a good job. He assumes the skills are not needed, he assumes that looking is not needed. A life wasted, efforts wasted, a further erosion of self-confidence are the result. He is insisting that one day this method will succeed.

2. He doesn’t like to be told what to do. He has a difficult time seeing how to get from A to B. The process. That is a horrible feeling (I can related, I don’t know either, that capacity is missing for me too) because you have no idea once you finished the first phase… what comes next. What I have and he doesn’t is the capacity to look. And look. And experiment. And take tentative steps in one direction or ten… while looking. The capacity that is missing is trust. Trust himself that he will see. It is a lot like finding the way through the forest… you have no idea what will clue you in, and yet, if you don’t move, you’ll be eaten, or you’ll starve. He has been choosing to starve… and never get out of the forest.

There is a well known story of the emergency landing of a plane carrying engineers, an emergency landing in the jungle. We have ten engineers, who decide how to use the machete to cut through the jungle, cutting at an exact 45 degrees, clean cuts, fast, efficient. And an eleventh who climbs a tree and spots that the nearest village is in the exact opposite way that they have been cutting.

The eleventh is acting as a true Generator who will check if the direction is correct, if it will bear fruit. If we want to look how the Anna Karenina Principle applies (remember, a principle is only a principle, if it is true everywhere!) every successful project is successful the same way (constant checking if it is still a good project) while every unsuccessful project is unsuccessful in its own way. Now, doesn’t this apply to other “types”, like the Manifestor, the Projector, the Reflector? And the answer totally surprised me… because Source says: no. Hah. My hunch is, that maybe what we will find, if I ever find a person with enough humility to test it for me, that their strategy needs to go beyond the starting point… just like “responding” goes all the way for the Generator.

  • The Manifestor needs to notify…
  • The Projector needs to first understand other people, as a system… and wait for invitation… (aren’t you glad you are not a Projector?) and the
  • Reflector… hey, I don’t even know if Reflectors have any strategy… If you want to listen to your own “strategy” go here Expect vagueness… lots of words, mystic, stuff… It’s not bad, it is just not clear. Typical guru stuff. Should you expose yourself? Yeah, just don’t get overconfident… please.

Here is another principle: how you do anything is how you do everything… meaning the mistakes you tend to make are both in the micro, in the macro, everywhere.

  • So if you are meek/arrogant (almost always come coupled) then you’ll slavishly follow without looking/willfully jump in without looking… and get bloody, beaten up.
  • If you are bombastic/cowardly they you’ll try to pretend that you are a Manifestor… but will never really do anything, unless you surrender to your design.
  • If you are a beggar, then you’ll keep on begging… instead of surrendering to your design. Beg for attention, beg for acknowledgment that you are a good guy, or that you are worthy of attention… avoiding all the things you should be doing with your life.
  • If you are the life of the party, then you’ll do that everywhere, in your business endeavors, in your job. You’ll do that even if it is not well received. Why? because it is not responding to what people want and need at those places.
  • If you are a “don’t tell me what to do” scared chickenshit, you bring that to everything you do… no self-trust, no confidence, no sense of purpose, because what is running the show is fear… the chickenshit.

More if you’s

  • If you think you have given everything and yet you are not given your due… you’ll continue to alternate between overly giving/sacrificing and being stingy and feeling slighted.
  • If you considered your meaning of events as reality, you’ll look in the meanings from the past… and you’ll miss looking in the present… seeing in the present… and life will seem to you like a repeating movie forever.
  • And, of course, if you have managed to get yourself a somewhat enjoyable easy life, you won’t volunteer to take on stuff that would make you fulfilled, because work is for other people… isn’t it?
  • And if you have never understood, never been able to see how other people get what they want, if you feel tossed this way and that, but would love to talk and be considered… you’ll keep on talking gibberish, expecting a different result. You’ll never take the time to fully comprehend what’s going on, so you can be appropriate to it.

PS: one more thing: Often the invitation doesn’t make sense. It is in violation with all the rules, all the truths, all normal. And yet, if you consider accepting the invitation, then it may take you to a place you can’t get in any other way. The nonsensical invitation acted like a doorway. This happened to me a month or so ago: I was “invited” to get some cherries. I have no fruits on my food list, not even lemons. And yet. So I said: what can happen. At worst I get sick. Or put on a few pounds. Then two days later the invitation repeated itself. OK… I hear you… I am game… being sick is not the end of the world. So I ordered a lot more cherries. I ate 8 lbs of cherries that week… that is about 4 kilos. The unusual and politically incorrect invitations kept on coming, fast and furious. Not urges… no, invitations. I said… what the heck, I am already in the rabbit hole… let’s see where it’s going. Ultimately, it has lead the biggest and most unexpected discovery I have ever experienced. This is to show, that rules, truisms, rigidness are the enemy of life… Now, truth be told, I remained aware, alert, and ready to stop the path if it turned into deadly, or dangerous. Because that is what is left out in most guru instructions: stay awake. Stay alert. Stay critical… Don’t fall asleep. 5000 more of my articles on my site,



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