Men and women are supposedly the same species, but I have my doubts.

So, as you might have noticed, I often treat them as separate and distinct species.

I am doing this only for the second time: I have decided to have a separate Playground Program for men and women.

Women are the main reason men need the Playground… lol. So men’s training will say that, to make them aware, and to arm them against the moves and tricks of women, mothers mainly.

Women, on the other hand, have other women, mainly, to make them miserable… including themselves. So it makes sense to separate/isolate the two “species” to have the most hard-hitting course.

This is not about changing either of the genders, it is to open their eyes and their minds to how they get trapped… so they can avoid getting trapped, or in case they slipped into a trap, release themselves without drama, without hurting themselves or another.

But I know that if I open your eyes, if I enable you to see clearly, your behavior, your attitude, your results in life will change. You’ll feel that you changed, but it’s an illusion: your view of life changes.

Everyone is afraid of changing. I remember I was.

But eventually, over time, I learned that I didn’t change, because there was nothing wrong with me.

What changed is what I saw. And that changed my attitude, my behavior, my feelings about myself, people, and life.

Here is a recent example:

It is the end of the summer, and the nights are cooler and I don’t need to use the window fan…

At first I had a hard time with all that quiet. But then I started to hear my birds audio (from the Abundance Avatar State Activator) from my home office.

In the relative silence I did some soul searching to see if that audio has done anything for me.

  • I was stunned to realize what I see now.
  • I see that I am doing good work,that my stuff is worth the money I am asking for, and
  • that my work makes a difference.

I remember when I started to play that bird audio: my view of myself and my work was ambivalent.

  • I hoped I did good work.
  • I hoped it was worth the money.
  • I hoped I made a difference.

Today I experience a lightness, and a steady slow rise of income. A lack of concern, a lack of worry.

I am not saying this to sell you the Abundance audio… I am saying that to illustrate that although I didn’t change, my view of life, myself, and my stuff has.

I am on the right track, you could say, I have found many ways to change what I see… Muscle test says that I see the world “rightly” 90% of the instances, and I am still chipping away at the remaining 10% thank to my clients and students who deal with similar issues I haven’t quite dealt with.

I shine most in coaching relationships that are synergistic: I may be the mentor, but I am also, shamelessly, the mentee: I get more out of our relationships than what I put into it. Often by far.

  • For example this little program, the Playground: it allows me to deal with my mother issues.
  • For example the Accountability program: it opens my eyes to all the things I haven’t been able to even consider that debilitate me and my people.
  • My one-on-one calls: a veritable goldmine: I deal with race, ethnicity, victimhood, sloppiness, assumptions, and other issues that can keep me and my clients in bondage.

Physically (health), mentally (brain), emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

At the end of the day you can take some time and see if you have made any headway in any of those areas. I do that.

While most people shrink their “right” view, me and my clients/students expand it, little by little, through conversations, through borrowing new eyes until our eyes catch up.

The Playground is at least a year long, and includes practice sessions/teaching in a group, practice sessions with another student, private sessions with me, and hopefully, if it every materializes, access to the online game/practice interface.

All for $150. You can join any time… I won’t tell you that I’ll raise the price soon… I won’t.

I am like the cow: I want to feed my calves more than the calves want to feed.

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