The only effective method to make something work is to remove, little by little, all the things that make it not work, or not work as well as it could.

This is true in every area of life.

So what can be removed?

Attitudes are the number one, and the highest return on investment kind of things to remove.

Your attitudes are mostly invisible to you, because they feel like the truth, or the right way to be to get what you want.

All attitudes sit on words… world view words, that are invisible to you. They are a “given”… an “of course”… like the air you breathe.

You see other people’s attitudes but not your own.

Here is an attitude, but attitudes is a veritable mountain:

Entitled… I should have it, because (and your main world view comes here.) I deserve it. They owe me… It’s only fair…

This attitude is what robs you of earning what you want in life. You consider that your parents, your employers, your spouse, your children, society, the country owes you, and therefore you should have it.

I have never met a person who, on some level, didn’t have this attitude.

60% of all unhappiness would disappear from the world, if this attitude disappeared.

The unreality you interact is a should-be-reality, and not how it is.

People should treat you in a certain way. You should be in a certain way. You should and they should and it should… and, of course you don’t, and they don’t, and it doesn’t… and so you are disappointed, disgusted, offended, sad, angry, violent, spewing…

You see how this leads to unhappiness.

Entitlement is a delusional aberration… Aberration is a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically one that is unwelcome. Using the Anna Karenina principle we are endeavoring to remove what doesn’t get us what we want, happiness, for example.

I used to call this technique the Michelangelo Method, because we are removing everything that is not the you who can have health, wealth, love and fulfillment. But I think the Anna Karenina Principle method is easier to see.

Of course people do all kinds of stuff to get what they want.

The biggest desire is to have control over your life.

Everyone whats life to change, circumstances to change, the “other” to change… and no one considers that they can change their attitude, how much control they have over their attitude.

This morning I watched two videos on youtube, one was about men who want to grow taller, and are willing to go through extremely painful treatment. Hm.

In that show this Supernanny works with families who have problems with their children. Children who without this intervention, in my humble opinion, will grow up to become criminals. →Click to read footnote 1

Depending on the country, the frequency of such families differs. The correlation between the attitude “entitled” and the parents failure to have a manageable, harmonious upbringing to their children is undeniable.

Obviously there are levels and there are levels.

To some degree we all feel entitled… You expect life to become better and easier. You expect to increase your fulfillment, your life satisfaction every year. You expect life to become easier.

To the degree you have these expectations, to the same level you are unhappy.


Physically, financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Most people are so alien to “if it is to be it is up to me”, they can’t even come up with ways to grow in all those five aspects of life.

And even myself, when I observe myself, I find myself entitled, expecting life, business, to treat me well, because… because why? Because it would be only fair? Because I work for humanity?

The faster I snap out of it and attend to what I need to do, the faster I’ll earn what I want… and drop the attitude of entitlement.

Why? Because of all the teachings about spirituality and manifestation, they think they have done the work they needed to do, and now it is the Universe’s turn to give them what they want.

Not useful work, not effective, productive work, not the kind of work that makes you earn what you want… no, not that.

But they are not bad people.

When something isn’t working, it is time to stop and consider that what you know that you based your actions on, your “knowledge” isn’t true. It is time to do time-out and retool, re-design, and do something true and tried.

Something with a lot higher truth value than what you have been doing.

  • You see, my teaching’s truth value is 70%. Filtered through your low vocabulary, filtered through your unexamined beliefs, filtered through your living in the mind behavior, you’ll get 7% truth.
  • While, when you read the 7% truth value stuff you tend to read or listen to, with the same filters, you get “knowledge”, answers that have a less than 1% truth value.

Tragic, if you ask me. And a very poor investment of your time and money.

So if you are the small minority of my readers, what should you do?

Should you buy some activator? Maybe… on condition that you learn first how to actually use it… so you don’t waste your money by feeling entitled that the energy works without your input!

This coming Wednesday I’ll have a free webinar answering questions, and teaching you the attitude and actions that will get you the most out of my Avatar State Activator audios.

They can raise your vibration with a little help from you to the level where you can actually start seeing reality and start taking actions consistent with how reality is, instead of how it should be.

The session starts at 4 pm NY time, and I will stay on the call as long as there are questions.

I will record the call, and then make this an ever-green webinar… So if the time doesn’t work, you won’t miss it completely.

I am planning of offering something special to the people who are on the call live, that won’t be available through the recording.

The webinar is for subscribers only… So when you register, your email will be added, automatically to my mailing list.

Here is the link to register in the webinar or the replay

Register in the upcoming webinar

I’ll do my best to make it fun in addition to being educational.

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