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Reprogramming Your Mind Huh? Reprogramming? For what? Why? How? The biggest issues I encounter in my practice is the monkey mind. The noise. The morass. The voices you heed. What am I talking about? I am talking about a busy mind, stuck in constant chatter, and unable to concentrate at the task at hand. Even to hear! When you are in this state, if you are like me, you are dreaming of reprogramming your mind. Unless the task is a repetitive task, requiring no input from you, this may work, but if your input is required, especially if the input needs to be creative and complex, you are screwed! royally. Many of my clients are internet marketers who are stuck in marketing other people’s products because they can’t pull themselves together long enough to write anything substantial. It is not that they lack the knowledge. It is not that they lack the creativity. It is that their mind won’t shut up, it is like trying to write a concerto in a room where a thousand musicians are preparing for the symphony’s start… all playing a different tune, tuning their instrument, talking… noisy: a type of cacophony. No wonder they are so eager to find out how reprogramming your mind is done. The same issue comes up when people want to learn: it is hard to concentrate, it is hard to absorb all that is being said. Concentration and learning are the main areas where people report the best results from brain programming. These people have had their brain reprogrammed to be able to enter a different wave-length than the wave-length of the noise. That is the brain wave programming, also called brain wave entrainment. The brain waves

brain waves

The brain waves are named with the Greek alphabet, alpha through theta. Beta brain wave frequencies arise when the brain is focused and attentive. Beta wave is at the frequency of brain 12 to 30 cycles per second. This is is the dominant brain wave when you are awake, doing stuff, when you are teaching, solving problems, assessing situations, having conversations, or doing other processing activities The noisy mind is in beta wave length. This is the waking state, associated with left (logical) brain activity. Reiki practitioners say that they are in alpha state. They say they have access to healing energies of the universe. Gamma: The brain wave of intense concentration. Tibetan monks, chess champions are on that wave length during the intense concentration phase of their activities. People with a lot of gamma brain wave activity tend to be of higher intelligence than average. Individuals with lots of gamma activity tend to have access to states of peak performance, greater levels of internal happiness, and also tend to show more compassion for others. Though you may currently not have as much gamma brainwave activity as a chess champion or globally renowned athlete, you can learn to enhance your gamma brainwaves: to have more of it.

theta waves to reprogramming your mind

Theta brain wave is at 4–7 cycles per second (Hz). In this state, your brain is in a dream-like state, like in hypnosis, day dreaming, trance-like, in an almost unconscious state. When you are in theta brain wave, you are at the cusp of the conscious and unconscious state. When you are able to get your brain in the theta state you are able to use the conscious aspect of your mind to explore and influence the subconscious aspect of the mind. In this state, your mind opens up to limitless learning, deep relaxation, enhanced creativity, healing yourself and others and enables you to connect to the Source from where all knowledge and all power comes. I spend most of my day in theta brain wave state…

In theta state you are able to perform, what I call reprogramming your mind from failure to success, from distracted to focused, from aimless to purposeful.

When we are talking about reprogramming the mind, we are talking about two different things:

In my sessions I put myself in that second state and assist you in altering your belief system so you can be more who you are: a limitless, wonderful, talented human being. I, myself, call that the real reprogramming the mind. When the mind stops its chatter because the negativity is lowered, substantially, you have access to the higher mind states automatically and easily. Now, that is reprogramming your mind. Read the rest at



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