respect the machine
bridge from one side to the other of the Grand Canyon

Freedom is recognizing your limitations. The machine will always be your limitation.

  • 1. soul correction
  • 2. the voices
  • 3. the memes
  • 4. the pebble in your shoes/the itch that you can’s scratch
  • 5. and the main tool of the Playground: the two circles which is enriched by me, but originally came from Landmark.
    this last one includes your filters, your history, your hurts… Very real.
  • even your Zodiac reading, the basics, are part of your machine… your tendency to behave
  • You’ll never correct your soul correction.
  • The voices will never shut up… and you’ll have marker feelings.
  • The memes will always want to perpetuate themselves through you… like virus
  • The pebble will always hurt the same way in your shoes
  • You’ll always have an unscratchable itch
  • And there has never been any instance in the history of humanity, that there were no two circles: the facts and what you say about them.

You are not wrong to live inside a machine. And you are definitely not right for ignoring the machine and get banged up. Or obeying it and stay small and wretched…



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Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie Benshitta Maven


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