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respect the machine

Respect the machine… 13

Many of you will get unstuck reading, understanding, and making what I teach in this post instinctual.

Many topics give themselves better and easier to make an advice, a guidance, a new method of doing things instinctual.

I envy the teachers of those “things”… My favorite teacher, ever, is Robert Plank because of his “how”. I make a point of taking all the classes he teaches, because I can see the path: how what he teaches will be made instinctual.

And try I might, I haven’t been able to duplicate it in my courses.

World view, attitudes, how to read, creating context, etc. seem to be not quite demonstrable, and not that easy to tell people what to do exactly to make them instinctual.

Instinctual means you can do it like you can breathe…

I have managed with a few things myself, but quite a few things: I still have to see, suffer, and do…

Everything in what I teach has to go past the hearing and the understanding level. Because the distance between those levels and actually applying them, instinctually, is like crossing the Grand Canyon… not very likely.

Even a little practice can go a long way… maybe half-way?

bridge from one side to the other of the Grand Canyon

But the mind wants you to stop at understanding. And understanding is worthless… it is on this side of the Grand Canyon.

Now, let me go back to the promise that you can get unstuck from what I am going to say from here on.

I remember when I was a student in Landmark, everyone wanted to find out how to get out of the machine. Landmark talks about the machine like I do. I just have done a lot more deep work than Landmark. (Sounds arrogant, doesn’t it? lol)

The two kinds of machine moves Landmark focuses on are the racket and the “winning formula” nowadays rechristened as “strong suit”.

And people hoped that they can get out of those machines. Even assistants, and staff members. Even if they said, gave lip service to, repeated a truth (that became a lie in their mouths) is that you cannot escape the machine.

So I am not repeating: I am telling you: you cannot escape the machine. No one can.

Freedom is recognizing your limitations. The machine will always be your limitation.

So what are the machine-like elements that I teach, exclusively, and will never go away?

  • 1. soul correction
  • 2. the voices
  • 3. the memes
  • 4. the pebble in your shoes/the itch that you can’s scratch
  • 5. and the main tool of the Playground: the two circles which is enriched by me, but originally came from Landmark.
    this last one includes your filters, your history, your hurts… Very real.
  • even your Zodiac reading, the basics, are part of your machine… your tendency to behave

So what am I saying?

That when you can fully see the machine inside which you live, you can become free.
The more you know the machine the less it will hurt you.
High achievers, heroes, kings and queens all live in a machine similar to yours.

The Netflix series (The Crown) is really useful in getting this.

The less resistance you show to the specific movements of your machine the more you can accomplish. The more fun you can have. The more love you can have. The more fulfillment is yours.

  • You’ll never correct your soul correction.
  • The voices will never shut up… and you’ll have marker feelings.
  • The memes will always want to perpetuate themselves through you… like virus
  • The pebble will always hurt the same way in your shoes
  • You’ll always have an unscratchable itch
  • And there has never been any instance in the history of humanity, that there were no two circles: the facts and what you say about them.

You are not wrong to live inside a machine. And you are definitely not right for ignoring the machine and get banged up. Or obeying it and stay small and wretched…

I like the videos where there are two mice and a hamster wheel, and the second mite cannot see that unless you go the way the machine already goes, you get banged up. Hurt. Thrown out.

You are either smarter than a mouse… or not.

Your life will show the truth in every area of your life: health, wealth, love, and happiness.

The reason the Landmark Forum is effective for whom it is effective for is because it shows the machine. Seeing the machine can give you understanding, patience, tolerance, maybe even compassion.

To the degree that you see the machine as inevitable and unchangeable and “not the problem”, to the degree you can make your life work, and experience freedom inside the machine.

Even if no one is aware of their machine around you.

You be responsible for YOUR machine and your attitude… and what YOU do. And let other people be OK.

Of course you can learn to communicate and shape how other machines relate to you, whether they are supportive, or judging, or mocking, or hindering, maybe even abuse you.

But that comes AFTER you made it instinctual that there is a machine that if you fight it, you get hurt. Badly.
… and if you obey it, you’ll remain small…

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